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To you can bet on that. A podcast for the recreational gambler. I marked of all. And I'm doctor Mike. Mike, you've been doing any gambling out your way at all recently? Well, just made one trip to Ho chunk casino in baraboo, Wisconsin. Right by the dells there, right? Yep, yep, right in the dells. And I wanted to go to meet up with listener Michael James. Yeah, we had a good time. We were there maybe 5 hours. Did pretty well. Never hit the all, but we hit half of it either the smaller the tall 5 or 6 times. Okay, and is that the only side bet they have at the crabs table there? Yeah, that's the only side that there's no fire bed or anything. Yeah. And the lemon is just $5. Okay, good. Oh, you mean on that bet? Yeah, on that bet. The max is $5. The max is $5. Okay. Yeah. And yeah, it went well. Nothing crazy to report. One guy had a pretty nice roll. And we both ended up winning. So oh good. There you go. Yeah. And you'd say you'd like the casino? Yeah, I like the casino. It's small that crab steelers are nice and friendly, and they're all good. They have two tables. And I asked when I was there, you know, about the second table. This was a Sunday that we went around noon, and they said, yeah, that probably won't open today. And I said, well, when does it open? And one dealer kind of looked at me like, well, lately, not very often. Yeah. And that Pitbull said, yeah, you know, staffing problems. Yeah, we usually just get one table sometimes on a Friday or Saturday night after 8 p.m. they open the second one if there's a big demand and they have the dealers. Okay. You know, that's the one thing about their plus the maximum bet on the crafts table is 300 bucks. 300, okay. That sounds like a state line maximum. We'd stop at state line and that'd be the max, yeah. Okay. Yeah. But they do allow put bets. So, you know, if you get like a $300 6 and you want to go higher, just make a put bet with ten times. Ten times odds. There you go. Okay. $10 table. It was a $10 table. Did you hit the max while you were there? 300. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Of course. What do you mean? I started with 300.

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