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On your own where you'll surely make nineteen hundred dollars that were show, you chap. She literally says that he gets to take the little bar in the garden, which I was like that isn't adorable children's book like there once was a little manslaughter named jacks and he had to work the little bar in the garden. The secret garden. So Jason were CAL's place James is like speaking of change been Luke it Lee trooping age. Shopping badge. And Raquel comes out wearing basically like wrapping paper, James. She just bumps her head into the stove. And he's like come back here. My little too. You know, how like when little girls or perhaps boys play with Barbie dolls. And they make them walk that they hold them by their legs a little bit. This would make them walk in that like herky-jerky style. That's how we're killed literally moves. She literally moves like a doll being moved by a child's hand. She does. And you know, who else was walking like that this episode Katie did you notice that Katy had like kind of Jenky walk. I don't know what's going on with this cast. But there's something with the legs. I would I would tap water. Check. Let's see what's going on under the hood. There's some kind of higher polio being spread around that rest. It's like it's like polio lights. Fanta pump polio. So James tells us own assay James k Coon live pedal, largely, sir. I have a supermodel girlfriend Mike that hasn't been verified. Yeah. She's a girlfriend two bedrooms studio, I'm teaching on rockstar boulevard laughing. No what he says. Well, he also don't forget his new golden doodle. And I mean, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go down that path because you know, me, but he goes and not to mention I'm DJ the biggest party on Robertson boulevard. You're literally next to the abbey. It's the largest gave are in the entire country. By me department. I do have to say I will give credit where credit is due. And as a very nice kitchen. You know, I thought I was like I had some kitchen NBA, honestly, I had faucet end because I actually have shit faucet in my kitchen. And I know that sounds silly. Like, how could you have a shit faucet? If you saw. My there's no thing where you can like like detach it and like Benny thing. It's just like a straight up faucet, and it like has its aggressive. So like you turn on a little bit and the water just like shoots out. And like if you have been like like like a millimeter of spoon in there. It's like the entire kitchen is soaked of it sucks. Kiss your your kitchen. So pretty Mike utter shit. Mike ceilings coming in my tiles or out. Yeah. It's really bad. Okay. So yeah, I was jealous of his kitchen. But you know, what I saw all the work you put into getting that place, and it involved that really Harry old guy. So, you know, waste not one not everything for what you have is what I mean, you know, so areana comes over in Tom and he's like oh. Oh, wow. Ooh..

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