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Welcome to another episode. Good sports. Dave amateur here, Adam Karol over there ace. I wanna talk about boxing, a little belatedly and been now week and a half cents a spectacular. I mean really one of the great knockouts I've ever seen. Obviously, you've seen a lot more Prizefights than I have wilder. But the Ontario wild or knock out to me, felt like something when Tyson was in his climb meets clubber Lang is he ran through the heavyweights on his way to Balboa. Where did that one rank for you? Well, it's an interesting thought of always Deontay wilder is, you know, six seven maybe six eight, I don't know six seven and you know, but he's only, you know, two hundred and thirty seven pounds or something like six seven to thirty seven. How's that compared with Lennox Lewis? Lennox Lewis was the biggest heavyweight champ. Rider was about six six and clinch. Five, six six and sturdier build. Yeah, while there's listed here at two thirteen o that light. Yeah. He's analyze really white fur heavy. We'll tell was homes was he six six. Homes was probably like six four considered. Very tall for his his era. Anyway, go ahead. All right. So the interesting thing, we're watching, you can stop care. Thanks. The interesting thing about mechanical movement is. The guy so six six six seven to fifteen to twenty you know, Tyson was to eighteen and he was five ten so. That it's like Darrell strawberry hitting a home run. When a guy is very tall and very lean in very angular, you seek clearly the mechanics of what he's doing when the guys built like Ron say or Steve Garvey, or something big forearms, kinda short and compact. You don't really see the full mechanics of it. The mechanics are on display when you're longer because you have to use the mechanics to generate the power because you don't have the muscle mass. So Tyson had great form. But watching a guy like strawberry hit a home run. You'd see the full torque and the twist and the power that was generated by lower half and a guy like strawberry at six four and one hundred eighty seven pounds does not have the muscle on him to hit a home run. Minus the crazy. Mechanics. So to me, the best home runs are the best knockouts put the mechanics on full display. I didn't know which I didn't know which side you going to fly mechanic. So the guy who six seven whose two hundred twenty pounds knocking the huge man out, you see full mechanical movement. The other in the best version of that I'm still trying to figure out when Thomas Hearns knocked out, Roberto, Duran, it is funny, because that's exactly when you're talking about long and lean that's exactly what I was thinking about earns with it was. So it was such a clinic, it's if you are ever trying to teach a young person how to box or just punch a stranger. I will include that group show them earns knocking out, Roberto Duran and not only was it great in the mechanic department. But he threw a couple of taps to the body. He threw threw to just throw away left hand taps through the body like tap tap. Tap tap, boom. Oh, that face. I fall is. I don't if I don't think you can do better than this knockout, because the two taps, down Pap and reverted Iran had a granite chin. So you're not knocking out some tomato can Deontay the guy he knocked out was not a direct report. Oh, durant. It's funny because in, I guess, in the most fundamental athletic movement. If you're thinking about lifting weights, it is an unfair advantage for the short guy to do a bench press versus if you have long arms like it's a little bit of a cheat like little guy. He's pretty strongly. Yeah. You only have to move his arms that much to get the thing to go up at full extent one hundred stay one hundred percent. So I got. I got I got Thomas hitman Hearns number one. Ray rice. Tell you what, here's another one. How about the knockout, packing skip by my Raymond?.

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