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Is seeing he commits. Oh man thank you all for the high rate. They're starting goodnight. Good night grows. Who all of us up? You're looking like I like to begin to fucking drink. Some of his own Chad they love it they lay. Yeah boy they look at the hype train all board right they said Martin getting mind was getting. You should see my house getting it but he got away but again got me. Hey do another high train near the end of the show are later on this. Show see what happens purpose. Suddenly say don't even try. Nobody here onto forty enough forgiveness stuff. They also Jennifer hers until you. I may be a little while. Might give you hip throws you know. y'All y'all y'all y'all being generous I might give you make a a little thrust of the crotch rating we reach love of being so good. You know uh-huh okay do neil. y'All even know that it was. I'll be stroking your Armenta Hussein Lance Carmen hatches patches to pay. That's a guy. Yeah Clarence Gordon Moore. Medicine Patches story is a story broke a stroke in boy. I remember this. Is this the actual music video for this whole setup. Yes it was a blind okay because there was they used to have this record commercial himself. Sit Oh hit seventy three percent right. There might have to give you a little some. What again yeah? My head to give a stroke. uh-huh yeah let me see. What the fuck is.

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