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Diving longoria at third diving to his left. It deflects off the glove and deal for a base, Ed. And he hit that very hard. It comes David freeze now. Left Turner's that of the hundred two miles per hour. So his David freeze strong powerful right headed batter thirty six years old university of south Alabama. And freeze a platoon for the dodgers. Hitting three fifteen eight home runs and only one hundred eleven at bats. Four twenty on base average and fastball is right on the inside corner just beneath about four strike. One. Cody Bellinger out on deck jets infield playing freeze to pull but they're not in the over shift panic the second baseman well over toward the middle belt on the bag. I Turner and there is a curveball end of his loan. One ball and one strike to David freeze. Bruce Bochy talked about that start for Pomeranz against the dodgers ju seven is being a critical start to him. He had two of his worst starts ever before that. Dow fastball is up in a way and it goes to two and one. Shut the dodgers down the dodgers only got one run of the game that was not until the eighth inning. Giants beat Kershaw too. Then his. Next start was this past Friday against the brewers went five plus innings. Now there's a fastball swung on this strike, too. Gave up a couple of honor run the jets had kind of sloppy game defensively. And the two runs the heal our both on earned runs. Giants won that one five two three over the brewers. Here's Pomeranz to the plate sway pop-up foul off the first bayside. Well back in to the lower deck out of play. Comrades to starts, where he is not allowed to earn run in the giants won both games against first place. Teams each down trying to build on that. Tall left-hander six feet. Five inches tall, thirty years old. Two to pitch. And the cutter is well off the inside now to full count to David freeze three and two. Now. Turner's had some. Hamstring issues so he may not be taking off here. We'll keep an eye on. Here's the stretch. He's not running the pitch swung fly into shallow right center into his right. Describes Steve gets there and makes the catch. Freeze is retired for number two. Comes jury. Three twenty lifetime against Pomeranz. Cody bellinger. He is two for five in his career against the left-hander. This is a lefty versus lefty matchup, Cody Bellinger, leading the league with a three fifty five batting average. He also has twenty three homers fifty eight runs batted in what a year third in the league at home run is now the pitch on in there for a strike best batting average. Best on base percentage, four fifty one second best slugging percentage only behind Christian yelich yellow who leads the league with twenty seven homers. He hit number twenty seven today against the Padres. Now Pomeranz throws, and he's low and odd side for all with a fastball. It is one and one it most of the major categories. Ballenger and Blackman on one and two. Valid you number one in some categories yelich in some others. His the stretch for the one one pitch. It's on the way swaying. And the earth shook. I have my rental car today in Pasadena. Drove right by Caltech, and they may have registered on the Richter scale something. With the ferocity of that assuming by. Cody Bellinger, tall. Left-handed hitter straight up stance. To run refers to one to pitch fouled back. Right. Beneath us still. Hellacious cut. But that passes for his to strike swing. And he doesn't just all hang out on every pitch. That's why city three fifty five. Janssen the over shift of the infield. The field is deep. Centerfield polar shaded over toward left. But the right fielder, Yastrzemski is straight up. The left fielder. Austin is also shaded toward the feline a few steps. Second baseman. Joe panic is fifteen twenty feet into the outfield. Here's the pitch on the way and the curve ball. Just a little bit low on the outside. Two balls two strikes. Dodgers as usual. Had those gritty determined at bats. They'll make a pitch thrown out of pitcher. This will be the twentieth pitcher. The ending Pomeranz. Here comes Swingline drive over the head of anything, panic. Check into right field for a beta. Cutter. And Cody Bellinger drilled, it left his data the hundred four miles an hour, but kept him in the ballpark..

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