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I'll have the name of that dish for you next time. Thanks s O. We had boner candidate number one, which is I'm sad that I have I know Kylie Jenner everybody said, but nobody voted for you. Really? Boner Candidate number two, This is boys football. You got that princess? The girl who was playing football at West Jordan High School, she was legitimately on the team. Now, whether you think that's a good idea or not. Does not justify the way she was treated by the boys and the coaches who called her princess and who made her change in the boys locker room at away games. And I found out the situation with that. How little I know about sports. It just shows As I said, isn't the girl's locker room just usually down the hall? Well, they have the visiting team used the girl's locker room. When I had her use like a faculty. They could've bathroom door, but that's that's But that makes sense, though. And then Boehner candidate number three I just want What is Alex Jones gotten right? Huh? Joe Joe Rogan, who has had him on his show yet again on Spotify. Ah, Zoey one a boner T shirt and the winner was boner Candidate number two. This is boys football. You got that, princess? Okay, Here we go. That's your wonder around one. It goes forward Might be boner of the day Round two coming up in 8 23 more candidates there we get a winner there. And then we'll take both of the winners and put them against each other. You'll decide Boner of the day at 9 20 with Boehner fights. All right. Mayor Aaron Mendenhall is on the phone. The whole Lake City mayor herself. Goodnight. Good morning, a mayor Mendenhall, What is the wellness bus? Well, miss Bus in mobile covert testing operation that previously did other kind of wellness checks through the University of Utah health, and when the pandemic came along the transition it Now they can go right into neighborhoods and it's free testing. But you do need to call in advance to get a scheduled testing time, actually, and I just noticed because I noticed on your Twitter. Feed that, it says Thursday. The wellness Buster's testing for covert from 9 A.m. to 1 P.m. at the Utah Pride Center on 13 80 South main, so Yeah. I don't mean to throw you a curve, but you know how to Reserve yourself a spot there. But who you call By the end of this call. I will have a phone number for you. So what would you like to discuss here in terms of what's going on in the city? Well, we can do you wanna talk a little bit more about Cove? It 10 10 new death yesterday. Unfortunately, Tied for the previous record of deaths in the state. All 1575 new cases. Carinae was almost half of those about 700 I was talking about Earlier. Dr Mayer about how Salt Lake see specifically bears the brunt of caring for those patients, not just from Salt Lake, but from all over the state and even neighboring states. We have to take patients. That's right that we have more than 80% of beds in state here in Salt Lake County. And black Friday when I had a press conference with doctors from the University of Utah. To express they were at capacity but end their exhaustion. That they take cases, and they take patients for a lot of reasons. The covert included from Idaho that a Wyoming and then farther neighboring states, so That needs here extreme and what's more extreme exhaustion of the doctors and nurses. Utah Hospital Association has estimated that Hospital staffing down 20 to 30% because of staff dealing with their own infections are having staying on to take care of family members who are sick. So you know, I see you beds, aren't you, Ben? If they don't have a nurse and a doctor to take care of you And I don't know how else to compel our public. Listen to these alarm bells that are going off about the realities of hospital care. Of case counts and the spread of this virus right now 60% from household members in Salt Lake County. 60% of the cases are family member spreading it to each other. This is causing not only economic troubles for the city as well on gestate in the county. It's putting a tremendous strain on As you indicated the hospital staff first frontline workers and is putting a tremendous strain. On families, isn't it? It sure is. And here in Salt Lake City, we saw the gas of the powerful activist community representative this week. Mother said she and every one of her immediate family members Had had pulled it have cove it and she unfortunately lost your battle on. She thought she was coming through and getting over it and she I lost her ability to breathe, so it's It's just It's heartbreaking. I know we're all exhausted. I know we're tired of living this way. Missing people in missing events missing Birthdays. But way have to get through this. There's the virus isn't respecting our exhaustion and we're more wrong. Horrible right now. Community members and residents than we've ever been there, Doctor the pandemic because about you know, as of last Friday, one in 50, Rutan has an active case. Well, one of us owe Mayor She just said, Do you have with the mayor? I do, and I've been corrected. Appointments are encouraged but not required. So if you want an English scheduling option, 8015870712 And if you want to call in Spanish eight a 1436 7118 right on. That's the Utah wellness, bust their free covert testing sites and just find out where it's going to be, and you could get a test. Thank you. Always nice to talk to you Help you and your family are well and remain so Thank you. We are.

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