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It's is by a fellow lesbian author but she it's the harper bliss in her missus and they just kind of chat back back and forth to each other they do update what what's going on in harper's writing life but it's more just a fun one that i like to listen to you because they're quite snarky to each other and i enjoy their banter sure so and was banished. We have to give a shadow to her privilege. She is one of our trade partners. She is and we've been in a call with them and sat with them for drinks and we can confirm they they. They do talk bouncing goods. Knock yes they're. They're quite entertaining so if you haven't listened to their podcast i do recommend it. In then i listened to this other <hes> lesbian podcast. It's called the lesbian book club on the lesbian lunch mist laden. Have you ever heard of this. Podcast never heard of it. I've been a guest on this. That was my absolutely favorite website. Those who don't know glennon host the lesbian book club in his quite entertaining so i recommend that one highly what about you. What else do you listen to. That's very sweet of you went to expect you to shout at me. Put it costs and i got so i've got one. Am one coltrane shade. This was my absolute favorite podcast for about two or three years. What what was the title. The game and the title is throwing shade okay. That's what i thought you said sosa sosa snark yes throwing shade and it's hosted by aaron gibson and brian savvy and they all bay stand up comedians brian is a bit of an actual and aaron as a and he is gay and aaron is he describes himself as a feminine stay. She's a bang-up feminist. I and very funny with it. Recommend it because it's it's basically shines ally on l. G. p. t. l. l. g. p. t. as the lesbian and gay personal trainer movement <hes> the l._g._b._t.'s shines on obt issues and women's issues and pop culture said lacy do things are great say and it is an american baseball 'cause mason. This stuff is based on act but they do have a more quiet big worldviews well so it's really really great great to listen to..

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