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If you but he has twenty six carries guys. That's too many. I think the chargers win this game on the road because their defense. We'll find a way even though it looks like it's Baltimore's defensive wins. It. Yeah. I think that the chargers defense with their offense healthy. Now, I think they go on the road and win. This is the last thing we thirty seconds eagles eagles bears. It looks it. It it looks like it's gonna be. There's gonna be foles at at quarterback bears have made a lot of good quarterbacks. Look like bad quarterback. It's in Chicago. Who do you like I do like Chicago because I don't know the eagles can get their running game going well enough akiem Hicks. Wrecks people inside the get enough credit for them. So I think Chicago finds a way to get this one done team Hicks. Chris Jones of the best players that I don't think enough people have have come around and just how great they've been this year. Charles great great year yourself. We appreciate you. Joining us. Thanks for being our guest and happy new year. Happy new year to you guys. Thanks for having me on and keep kicking butt fellas. We'll talk to you down the Charles Davis NFL analyst long. I'm Doug Gottlieb. We'll get you ready for bowl season is either they're national champions or the whole thing has been a joke. We'll discuss it next. Happy new year in this country. We say happy new year. Here's something a lot of people put off in that's home security. Well, simply safe home security has gotten rid of all the reasons not to get home security,.

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