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In Standard Tuning so. I just standard. Back. Again once though and Was Fun that is a fun song. Oh Yeah I love the tar it's great. I learned the intro to it and then. Up to the League because I can't play lead, I can try but it won't sound anything like it. I usually. Just, turn it down, turn the music. Nice. Pretty sure. That's what when I played at the church. When I first started playing electric guitar for worship They. I think they turned me down. I'm pretty sure everyone who's ever played in Church has. Has. been turned down by the sound guy either on purpose orders inadvertently. Plenty. Of Great Church sound guys out there and plenty of less than great ones. Might be listening to this. I'm not talking about you. If the other people. I knew that Atari us on Sunday. Sounded too good. It's all tracks. Eight lease tracks, we use Qatar tracks for us. I mean it's not the only guitar is obviously like we use supplemental stuff there's I have no. Qualms about. Know that until I until I got into music like. Going out setting. Thing but. Yes I think it's pretty cool. I. Started using it. But. It's all about this. Making it work for what you're trying to do know it's like for us. We're all still obviously playing, and if we didn't have any of that, we would still sound good. But those things just take it to the next level of like production and showmanship. So. Say Disciples production is top NOCCO. Thank you. Thank you so much tweed. We're. Super Proud where it is right now and. You know it took many years to. Get to where we feel like. We can really like have great strong headlining show both visually anti-nuclear and we were there so. How many years has disciple in a band twenty I know it's been more than twenty over twenty. Depends, on what you count but. Yeah, it's a lot. I remember going in thinking that this was crazy. I was going to Motley crue and poisons like anniversary tour it was. Poison was high twenty, five years. This was like two, thousand and. Eleven I WANNA. How Awesome? Though I think it's cool. You know I've been growing up and listen to disciple all those years to, and now it's like I. Know It's approaching that mark if it hasn't already and as amazing. As. That's doll testament to Kevin Really I mean I. Mean I've I've only been in the band for. Actually eight years today today. The said I is the exact date that I played my first full disciple show. Eight years ago. But. But Yes as far as like the longevity, it's literally I mean Kevin's the only original member, and so it's like just all been. His Vision Passion just feeling it for all this time. And so It's just a testament. He has no intention of slowing down like he just he just just pedal to the metal literally. For. Decades. Awesome. Eight. Really cool watching. The style change his style, a stage appearance change. As but but disciple is kept the same message of of love and as always. Gone out to be. Exactly I wish the. I wish it was like back in the day like back when I was growing up. And I could see you guys in like a coffee house again. On the floor. That was I still remember that was awesome. Og Lineup. So. Is Well let me see if I can find some some puns here I'm going to have to. Look up some dad jokes like we did before. GotTa get. Some Dad jokes and we'll close out. What's missionaries favorite type of car? I don't know. A convertible. Nice. Well what do you call a fish with Noah as? What Those. Good. Eddie. Know Peter was a rich fishermen. Another fish tank. Wow I his net income. ooh. It was the funniest comedian in the Bible. WHO He brought the house down. That's good. I'm I'm literally looking at, we have a rebel society facebook group for the Patriots backers you know and. There's a whole threat of dad jokes. On on here that people started last week. Some. Pretty good. Where do you go? Oh. It's not really a, but it's just funny joke. I've only ever been wrong wanted. It was when I thought I was wrong but I was right. That's Okay, that's all I got time for. You to get going. We'll do one more, and then that's it. What's what is a dentist favorite him? I don't know round him with many grounds. All right. So are Iran good. Thank you so much for coming on again, for being the first one on season two. I'd like to go ahead and close out in prayer and pray for you. Sure. Thanks. Heavenly father. Thank you so much for everything that you have to do in in your kingdom. And for the many productions that are coming, that are going to bless lives. Thousands and thousands of lives Lord. Please continue to bless. His family, and so we may also be plus in the long run Lord. Lift him up pray for his safety and this pandemic Lord and. Blessings him and Jesus name I pray Amen. Amen thank you. All right man it was good talking to you and you got to get going saw go ahead. Let you go thanks again for coming on and I look forward to next time. Thanks Nick..

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