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Um, cool in the King's good hole in the gang Friday. What isthe Mr Cool Bell passed away. This Hewitt is cool bell. I know, but I just I forgot his name. I was at the casino down in Shelbyville. We used to work with him quite a bit because cooling the gang and then ultimately his side project called Party Planet. We would book them all the time for like New Year's Eve and special events. So in my phone, I don't have it on me. But it's in the back. I have cool Bell's phone number in my phone, and I always thought that was awesome. So there was actually a cool of Kool and the gang knows his nickname. So there were just the gang. They're just the gang words and he wrote, like Did he write like Jungle buggy and celebration? Right? It wasn't the lead singer, but he was like a co founder right now, See, groups do this all the time where these dudes will splinter off, And then they'll start calling the group something related to the group. And I believe, and I'm not saying this guy did this exact thing, but That's fraud. Like foreigners, not foreigner anymore. Lou Graham is not there. The guy was saying all the song Steve Perry's not in Journey, Dennis DeYoung, not in stick. That's Bull craft! I agree with you now, with Kool and the gang. They still did their Kool and the gang stuff cools. Not there, but he was when cool in the game wanted to tour with. Let's be honest. Those dudes were. Oh, OK, so cool was still there when they were cool in the gang. Yes, and if they decided, Hey, we got a gig coming up for this weekend. He's in But he also started his own project on the side because he liked being out on the road would be like Jimmy Page, leaving Led Zeppelin. You know this is it's not let Zeppelin and and these lead singers these. These guys and these bands get these egos and they kick these lead singers out who everyone knows They are the band right? And like the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger. I'm a foreigner on tour. You're not foreigner. Lou Graham's not there. It's not born, ER. Think of it like Motley Crue. Tommy Lee would always tour with Motley crew, but he had a million different side projects. GNA. Hey, congratulations to you. Congratulations to me. You know why? No hammered. I rich. We are undefeated in our sports football Betting. Uh, 2020 campaign? Yes. You're beaten in college and I'm unbeaten in NFL. I'm pretty much the best There is. I wake up in the morning and I p x on that way. All know that goes with that thing. Okay? I have a story for the New York Post here about thes. Ah, spoiled brats who are out there, protesting? The's air. It says Inside the privilege, lives of protesters busted for writing in Manhattan. Thes air all a bunch of privileged white kids who are out there on and these are kids who have, like, you know that are from families of like, two or three homes. These kind of kids Mom and dad are both there. Which last time I checked, the BLM political organization was vehemently against. Yeah, Yeah, Dad in the house. No, no, no, no, no. Yeah, Exactly. They don't like that They want to disrupt the nuclear family. I love This quote one of the activists, the young activists lost her phone during the rowdy weekend protests and promptly called up her mom who made arrangements to replace the cellphone right away, her mom told the Post. You imagine Mommy while I was setting things on fire throwing Brexit thing, and I lost my about it's OK, sweetheart. We'll get you another phone. Go get that skateboard and break that bank and set it on fire. It's like the mom and it's like Amy Poehler and What was that movie Is that bit mean girls? I'm the cool mom. I'll send you a phone mug shots of all those people look, so they're all so full of angst like unwarranted. But if you think these are other pictures because there's some other pictures of them, they look perfectly fine. We're fine like there's there's one redhead in there. She's all she's just a ginger like a ginger. And then you get her out there like wearing all the antifa looking. It's like you put the bandannas on and put the mean face. It's like they have to practise their scowl. If that's the front line of a war that I am going on here, Alright, 50 bucks on the suburbs back from karma, Lia, no Caramel has not responded in any way, shape or form Tio this whole issue. Of them showing a BLM supportive video. That's amazing, because I bet if it were an announcement that was pro Trump. I bet they would have already had a press conference on CNN. Yeah, it's been accepted. Hasn't Caramel responded yet? Somebody listening right now, If you have a student in Carmel, or you have no somebody in that administration, find out what's going on and let us know here. Because this is bullcrap. That is bullcrap. I asked very specific questions. I just want to know the protocol for showing this this kind of stuff to the entire student body without any kind of counterbalance that they have some sort of reason Why, that's great. Let us know what it is. Because if you're going to be Mr Billy Badass here, Mr Tough guy Mr woke pants and do this and expect no feedback. Goto. Hell, yeah, no one puts Mark in a corner Tony.

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