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Thank you. Thank you so much for. A powerful episode, right? I mean, this sleep issue is huge. We have to be part of the process part of the changing this. It's so frustrating, Maggie is in a school that starts early trust me. Bananas. Listen, if you loved this episode, if you've got something out of this episode, please do share it with your Friends. Take a screenshot. Share it on share it on your group chat with your Friends. Share it on your Instagram stories and tag me in it at mindful mama mentor and I can not wait to see what your takeaways are and listen, remember if you would like to take what we do here on the mindful mama podcast deeper if you want to connect with other people who are interested in parenting mindfully, you can join me at the mindful parenting free training we're doing I haven't done this in a number of years and I'm doing it again. Free live training with me from September 7th through 12th, 2022, we're going to talk about why your kids don't listen to you, how to stop yelling exactly how what are kids really need in three myths that keep you from being the parent that you want to be. And this is a really important valuable training. I can't wait to share it with you. It's so powerful to get together with like minded parents and really dive into this work together and I think that September, the beginning of the school year at the beginning of the fall, it's perfect time to do this work. So do it with me, join me. You can join completely for free at mindful parenting course dot com slash free training. That's mindful parenting course dot com slash free training. So join me and I can not wait to connect with you there. Thank you so much for listening. I hope that you have some beautiful moments of, I hope you get some good sleep this week. My family and I are returning from an amazing, amazing visit, have a friend on the big island of Hawaii and we were able to visit there. It was so beautiful what a magical place. So many fruits and swim. It was lovely. And yeah, now we're right now. I'm kind of jet lagged again, getting home from it, that 6 hour time difference for us. So sleep is close to home issue these days. But I hope you are also seeing beauty in your life and also getting as the sleep that you can get and I also wish you for all of us for you and me to lean into what we can appreciate today. To try to see with fresh eyes, to lean into what we, the beauty in our lives. And the joy. And I'm wishing you a beautiful week, my friend, thank you. Thank you so much for listening. Namaste. I'd say definitely do it. It's really helpful. It will change your relationship with your kids for the better, it will help you communicate better and just it's a communicate better as a person as a wife as a spouse. It's been really a positive influence in our lives. So definitely do it. I'd say definitely do it. It's so worth it. The money really is inconsequential when you get so much benefit from being a better parent to your children and feeling like you connecting more with them and not feeling like you yelling all the time or you like wise and things working. I would say definitely enjoy it. It's so, so worth it. It'll change you. No matter what age someone's child is, it's a great opportunity for personal growth and it's great investigating someone's family. I'm very thankful I have this you can continue in your old habits that aren't working or you can learn some new tools and gain some perspective to shift everything in your parenting. Are you frustrated by parenting? Do you listen to the experts and try all the tips and strategies but you're just not seeing the results that you want? Or are you lost as to where to start? Does it all seem so overwhelming with too much to learn? Are you yearning for community people who get it? Who also don't want to threaten and punish to create cooperation? Hi, I'm hunter Clark fields in a few answered yes to any of these questions. I want you to seriously consider the mindful parenting membership. You will be joining hundreds of members who have discovered the path of mindful parenting and now have confidence and clarity in their parenting. This isn't just another parenting class. This is an opportunity to really discover your unique lasting relationship. Not only with your children, but with yourself. It will translate into lasting connected relationships not only with your children, but your partner too. Let me change your life. Go to mindful parenting course dot com to add your name to the wait list. So you will be the first to be notified when I open the membership per enrollment. I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Mindful parenting course dot com.

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