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Four i'm rob kendrick on komo news father's day as we look at the poor cash to a clouds you've been brown longer than what we expected here and eventually partly sunny conditions today will reach into the '70s and in overnight lows tonight will be in the fifty partly cloudy monday plan for seventy five run high and partly sunny and then cloudy with some showers showers a times on tuesday day with highs in the upper 60s vatrelated from the komo weather center this is komo news i'm mark christopher major league baseball has earned a reputation for being too traditionalist inch stuffy what do you think bell later this summer the league will loosen up and try to have a little fun it's only for one week at they're going to relax the dress code a little bit for something called players weekend make note it'll be friday august twenty v through sunday the twenty seven reports are saying players will be allowed to wear a nickname on the back of their jerseys beck chef l style they'll have to stick to the same one for the whole weekend and they can't have anything inappropriate or offensive lg unclear how this is going to work for some teams like the yankees or the red sox who don't have names on their jerseys all and and san francisco giants who don't have names on their home jersey's but i'm looking at the schedule they are away that weekend in arizona players will also be able to personalize the colors of their spikes batting gloves rish bans compression sleeves and even a catchers masks and the jerseys will feature a patch was space for a player to personalize by quote writing the name of an individual or organization that was instrumental to their development the jerseys from that we can by the way will be sold by mlb proceeds going to the youth development foundation know what you're getting into with komo news komo traffic and komal weather and stay connec acted stay informed northwest's news station komo news one thousand fm ninety seven seven and streaming live at komonewscomfire and here with.

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