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Anything that happened to the ending of the proper. Kill right right right like like because his his sendoff was the appropriate sendoff for that version character. But we're introducing the multi-diverse right exactly like we got. We got fucking quicksilver from the x. Men universe in. Oh and i think i think you're right neil after this last episode which will get into later. I do not think. I think that it is. I think it is fucking the accident in the universe. The i think it is the fox. Quicksilver that we've all and i think that by by doing that. They are opening up the sandbox. To just being whatever like fuck it who cares like this is all weird shit. It's always been weird shit. Let's embrace the weirdness of all of these universes embrace the possibilities of bringing in people that may have been a different version of the same character played by the same actor or a different version. The same character played by different actors. Fucking them all into this plant the sandbox. Let's play with them kill. Monger had a right to the throne. Yeah all right. The different will conduct. We gotta fucking kill monger. Who was the king of what kinda. Yeah and took on the black panther persona. Let's bring him into the six one six or let's blow up the six one six. Have something completely different and just have it be the mcu that's completely separate from the comics and let's just fucking do it. Who gives a shit. we know. See we know that ryan kugler ryan kugler loves to work with michael jordan does fruitvale station creed black panther. We know that these who worked together. Well and i honestly on a side note. Did you see that. Ryan kugler was a producer on due the black messiah. I did see that. Yes i did. See that okay. Stephanie michael jordan. Coming back as kill monger. We don't know in what capacity we don't know if this is even like one hundred percent. Are you know i honestly want to know your feelings about this. Are you for or against him. Coming back and playing the character in a future installment in the marvel cinematic universe in any capacity. I'm not yet sure. I think my honesty my gut reaction is to say. Don't wanna see him come back on. I think with the with the multi-diverse now being a very real thing. I worry that i don't need that to be an aspect of every marvel movie that we see in the coming years and i worry that that i understand that. That's part of the story. Now that it's been opened up wanda vision. But i also i don't need it in every movie. I don't need it in the next ant man movie or whatever it would be that was about example but so think those are the worst example a out. So let's see. How do i mute stephanie. You i'm getting ahead. I just but like i don't need it in every movie where it may not necessarily be the case. I think there is a way. See a way where he could be brought back as either different version of till manga. How would like figure it out. That could work. I don't think it's necessary because i think for me. I'd like to see sherry take on the mantle of black panther as my first choice. Kill monger coming back to be black. Would not be my first choice. So yeah that's my answer. And you're an ant. Man was a terrible example but the first one..

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