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So too got pounded the football frustrated a little bit as offset backs now on second at seven at the twelve yard line Prescott under center straight drop. Looks left. Throws left caught by Williams at the fifteen Williams across the twenty and Williams down at the twenty three yard line eleven yard gain. Alec Ogle tree and ginormous Jenkins combined on the stop and it's first down. So the Cowboys not quartered by that false start penalty. Get it right back, and they moved to change the Twenty-three. Terrance Williams with his first catch the knights. Second catch of the year. I down and ten foot Cowboys just shy of the twenty four yard line. Prescott alone in the backfield. Now six of eleven for hundred five yards. Elliot will motion in the backfield. Now to join him on the left side to servers, right? Single wide left on first down the give us to Elliott from the gun tries the right side. And he tumbles forward near the twenty nine yard length. Five yard gain like Ogle tree with the tackle brings up second and five and Zeki Elliott back to the huddle after another good. I down game. I downplay there to go five yards yourself in a manageable second down situation in situation where here now you can take a shot. To be able to come back on third down and to pick up five yards. If you eight carries thirty nine yards for Elliott who's to the right of Prescott in the shotgun. This time on second down and five carry number nine for Elliot out of the gun as he tries to work the left side and a massive giant stopping after a one yard gain to the thirty yard line ribbon back over on that left side line with BJ Goodson leading the way the Cowboys are prime for a little bit of shop way here pretty soon. They came mountain troops last last play with three receivers semi spread out with the linebackers was so close expecting to run. There was nowhere for this point to go. Third down and four at the thirty alert a trio over Sieber stacked triangle to the right side slot now motioning out wide from that. Try goes Allen hurt. Single wide to the left Prescott over three on third down passing tonight. He'll throw again on third down as time. Throws Beasley with the intention to catch. He was down by VW web and flags all over the place. The ball hit him in the hands. The reason it couldn't catch up to it. As web had a hold of them and yanked him to the turf. And this going to be a first down for Dallas build them out here on third down. VW wet was interference defense number twenty three automatic first down. The former cowboy with a penalty to keep his former team alive. Grab right around the waist. He doesn't like to call either. But this is a blatant passenger fares. It was really a pretty decent position initially the down, but can overshot the route in the inside I down ten at the thirty eight yard line setting up in Cowboys three fifty one remaining first-half play action to Prescott pressure coming Prescott in trouble draws for gathers. Leaps up on the former hoops Boyer. Cannot pull that one down at the forty nine. Landon Collins on the coverage and Rico gathers who missed all of last year with a concussion hadn't played football..

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