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This is Jim Griffin 29 95 is all it takes a visual inspection of your system check of cabin and air filters to make sure there are no plugs are least specials. Good at all. Five Griffin dealership That's Griffin. At your service quality furniture that last the good stuff and because it's good quality furniture, it won't be the least expensive. But if you compare our caliber of furniture and our prices to the other higher end furniture source throughout Greater Milwaukee, you'll find that Ken Michael's furniture is truly priced at a value. It's the kind of furniture you won't regret mine. The good stuff at good prices. Furniture for life again. Michaels Furniture in Brookville, Greenfield or downtown Milwaukee. Browse our selection at Cannes. Michael's furniture dot com and our stores. We don't have 500 in stock mattresses, but the good news is you only need one. We make them one at a time just for you. You choose the firmness level the type of filling materials you want, which could be cotton, wool, latex or foam. And in 3 to 5 days, we deliver it to you fresh from our factory at a price that hundreds less than premium national Interest brands. Milwaukee Mattresses from Ken Michael's furniture in Brookville, Greenfield or downtown Milwaukee, where no middleman names, no extra markup and real savings for you. The new fractured boulders we now have in stock are really nice there squarer and more rectangular in shape, and they're great for building dry, laid retaining walls. They're much easier to deal with black together nicely and you get less gaps. No wet mortar needed. And we've stacked a multitude of colors. You can use them as an accent item to add character to your dry river or creek beds to Erikson's landscape supply. High quality mulch in stone for a whole lot less commercial or residential visit Eric since landscape supply dot com to see our entire selection are organic mulch is comprised of all trees. Most mulch is made from ground up pallets, and you don't know what might have been spilled on those pallets could be chemicals, or who knows what But not our mulch..

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