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Mary Bruce on Capitol Hill, at least ten people have died after a fast moving apartment, building fire overnight in Paris officials there have one woman in custody, she suspected of arson more protests expected this morning Virginia's capital calling for governor. Ralph Northam to resign after that racist picture from his old medical school yearbook. Resurfaced I'm Sherry Preston. ABC news. The time right now is five forty four at NewsRadio KF became more of our top stories. President Trump state of the union is tonight and immediately following the address there will be a rebuttal in both English and Spanish heavier, Sarah is the state's first Latino attorney general to deliver the Spanish version of the response to tonight's state of the union speech will broadcast from Sarah's alma mater, c k McClatchy high school where he'll be joined by students and their families. Bezerra grew up here in the states capitol. The son of immigrants K PK will air the president's speech at six PM nicked off this News Radio K PK. The high cost of living in California, maybe turning people off from moving to the Golden State recent numbers from the census bureau show, the state's population growth has fallen to its lowest level since two thousand one as of last July. There was a zero point four percent increase of new residents. That's about one hundred fifty eight thousand people many western states like Utah, Nevada. Arizona have seen their populations rise as former California residents look for better opportunities to buy a home or start a business. If you drive through some parts of the north state during rainy season, there seems to be a lot more standing water and flooded roadways than ever before. That's apparently because the ground is sinking. The department of water resources says groundwater pumping and droughts over the last decade have caused parts of Kaluga, Glenn Sutter and yellow counties to sink insider county. Over five monuments showed elevation changes between minus point two feet, minus point three six feet. DWI? Geological engineer Chris bonds tells us the most notable was a monument near our buckle which sunk over two feet. The problem is worse though in yellow county, the Sacramento valley show, no real significant change. Interesting health news bacteria in the gut may impact our mental wellbeing and could be linked to depression. Scientists in Belgium have identified a wide range of gut bacteria that produce chemicals that impact the brain, including micro-organisms linked to mental health. Researchers examined about one thousand people and they found two types of bacteria that we're constantly depleted in those who suffer depression, even if those patients were on antidepressants, the findings were published in the journal nature microbiology. Time now is five forty six. I'm Christina Madonna's along with Dan, Mitch Johnson. A Sacramento's news, traffic and weather continues. Here's Brian Noble's with our traffic trouble-spots, we've solo vehicle accident blocking the left lane. Eastbound I eighty up in offering. We'll take a look at the latest there in the freeways around Sacramento to coming up at five fifty by the way, if you see snow where you are. We wanna know as well. Just hit fifty on your cell phone the keyword open mic. We'll.

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