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The aaa but fact lately that's right great accidents right well you know she had one hundred million dollars to get her message out there a pride two hundred million she spent of course she's got all those pals like that creep harvey weinstein or whatever the hell is name is you know that pervert stop and we see where that got her because people turned out in droves to keep her from getting in there and take this country all the way down to the davy jones as locker oh boy the honor right hey who coined at data can for the area election area mitch mcconnell add in florida alabama trained out pretty quickly i think he's learned a lesson and i think his buddy ah that little who's l o pits week their tennessee's been run it in his mouth off about trump oh yeah cocker or like atr kok gawker young jackass yeah yeah yeah graham yeah that ban oh okay forget that one south carolina yell the amnesty vote on now wait a second you're talking about muggy dowden backyard do you think muggy gougers got to get his arm is brigade out there to get lindsay the kicked on out although liz is worth a few laughs at least give a bad once in awhile uob so colour i up why does not here rare cases but the g eight david archer topic the other day and it was right you got it right and okay fair dow did you well the the whole bottom line is that the the country's instant serious trouble in the republican party don't wanna help out trump he's he can play obama because you know he's got a a pan in these got a phone he's got his twitter and stuff like add hell he can get some stuff done through the american people without those bunch of jack as they don't wanna o but day we got rob uh what's at got a problem forget my near iran our go what are these damned liberal pay in point.

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