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Bradley J. players soundcloud Bradley J. and there it is I should probably put a link to that on Facebook if that's easier for you I will I listen to the songs and I and they're good doesn't mean that you're you're kind of thing produced well they could stick take good I'm I would play one for you on the air I don't know how it sounds a mono I think we're mono I have to listen to a moderate often offer translates well but I play beginning of one soon let's go to NYC in Boston Nick in bean it cool in Berlin her one on one thank you for being on the air I always enjoy you and you know you just help me get through the night yeah I one of the just to mention a couple of things I think it I want to wear a rally this weekend over at the US state house for the phone seven and there are people over there in the hands of the gun slaughtered by the clean cut carrying convicted John tried or in also good he got arrested in Texas for wearing a home depot and it was you know just it's just a good person to talk to the tracks and ended up killing someone of you know I'll take turns and and friends of veterans and it was a big tragedy but it was a great turn out there was over a thousand people there and you know we didn't hear much about it but I just want you to know that you know was of a very good turn out and and people are very concerned about the borders and also wanted to mention you know that and I think that these people that are coming along on traveling thousands of miles we need to know staying where they planted you know we spend all this money on this more room in on border patrol and and you know these camps that should be it should be spending that money over there and they're you know in their respective countries and and you know staying where they are in in in taking care of you know they're they're people in their countries I think that you know the the president's doing the best job that he can then and I think he is going to get reelected I just hope that you know he's going to send the Russian investigation no one wants to hear about anything but it seems like the real collision was with the British government doing that Taji dossier to of former rest in peace McCain and him in on bringing the total to the FISA court in the in the fires of quick charge not being told the in origins of this promotion anywhere in the you know meanwhile the state house and had gotten a dossier and no they rejected it right away so you know that it goes on and on the they are fake news in the you know the the damn in T. R. president from yellow rhetoric and and but you know when when this is mentioned nobody wants to hear it and you know it's like oh well you know she called the woman and we talked about quoting a woman twenty years ago in the in the privacy of a bus you know I mean it's like ridiculous in no that's what I like to say in this whole on this whole thing with the billionaire guys that you know is a NO orgy island and trying to hi you know that trump appointee with that all miss his you know comes to find out the the democratic Attorney General Dan well the state didn't want to prosecute him in the you know what happened was is that the police chief of the city that he was you know I guess it was broader economy or or you know down there and and west palm they they are the complaints of offensiveness where you going on all night and you know but you know that's nothing to see here you know move right along secretary you got it all covered you got you got you got you have it all covered Hey Nick you you you call fairly frequently but you you're always remain very secretive any chance you could give us a little I don't know little knowledge if you as you just mystery in order just kind of a blank his shadow I'm just I'm just on an important I'm just a one of your biggest fans in the in the in the in the listener Jenny hobbies let's find out and the little things about you would you like to do when you're not working and a business I like to do as a collectivity I'd like to build things I like to welcome icon and like to you know goals for a dated June or go for a walk you know this typical guy stuff project are you working on like a restoration no no just just clean and in nineteen you know I was going to the auto parts store and get some stuff I know how that is yeah you know it is just welcome nothing major okay keep it simple see work out a lot and I yeah I enjoy it I enjoy working on finally in your local fitness I am she will and condition and you know I was thinking about your back is a matter of fact yeah you you mentioned you had a back situation and I will want to suggest an inversion table yes so I know I know it's a I have a calling his name is on that yeah I'm actually gonna look into that Nick we have a great time I appreciate you you know being a little bit personal there I I I I like it a lot thank you well we appreciate you thank you for having me on Bradley and have a great day because we have Harold and Paul Harold and Maude Harold and Paul coming up after the break here on WBZ Boston's news radio news update battery.

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