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Me a little tutorial they're going to get the ball here feet and left elbow pointed that you're targeted and then betsy is they did on the topic of concussions brady said he does not worry about them but he's not oblivious to them adding quote i understand the risks that come with the physical nature of our game former new england revolution star taylor twelve and knows all too well the dangers of concussions now retired twelve and has been busy promoting concussion awareness week trying to sound the alarm about headed gery's especially for children while playing for the la galaxy in two thousand eight wellman suffered a blow to the head from a goalkeepers fist twelve and stayed in the game not seeking medical attention he talked about it with our rod fritz my life james forever i lost my career uh august thirty at you get out in eight with a real it concussion and i would an educated nn neither was anyone else around me and i i didn't make the proper decision so at age twenty eight and a prime of my career uh my wife changed in my career k o instead of sitting here in talking in at that inc it might be on the credit they helped me thrown a negative into a auditor vinet were were due to wellman's a spokesperson for the state's concussion weak and he works with the massachusetts interest galactic athletic association the am i a well they spent eight months in isolation in a mars like habitat on a remote volcano in hawaii and on sunday six nasa backed space psychology research subjects will emerge the four men and two women were quarantine on a vast plain below the some of the world's largest active volcano in january eating mostly freeze dried in canned food their communication with the outside world we have a twenty minute delay to mimic the amount of time it would take to communicate from mars the researchers aimed at better understanding the psychological impacts of a longterm manned mission to space nasa hopes to send humans to mars by the twenty 30s wbz news time nine forty two time to head over to the a stick it com sports studio and adam kaufman thank.

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