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Gosh. It's an understatement. The there'd be the christmas tree and there wouldn't be much carpet left because she would she would shop and shop and in a gift she thought about you during the year. it was underneath. That tree tradition dictated joyce. Take her children over to her sister. Dorothy house each christmas eve. The two sisters were known to gab for hours. You know when we were little bit cry because it was time to go. 'cause we were going to miss santa claus and they'd be laughing and carrying on we wouldn't be going and we'd be mad as kim and greg had grown. They had found themselves more and more a part of the family traditions. We'd begged to open one gift. Just egging begging begging then. They pay little strategy. You'd always get lame four bad cologne or something. Now that kim had a baby of her own born just two weeks before christmas. Joyce shifted her focus to her little granddaughter. Joyce just she bought her somebody. Christmas present by time christensen there. It was crazy and she just loved her You know most. It can open the gifts so she would open gifts a little bit and shore. You know like most really didn't care but the joyce got a lot of enjoy mad the early nineteen eighty s brought some hard years not only joyce but also for millions of people in the united states. The nation went through back to back recessions in eighty one and eighty two at its worst. The unemployment rate climbed above ten percent randy found a job in the shops of the utah transit authority. It required he work in salt lake city so he and kim moved south. I think it was kind of hard on her. Because kim was around a lot. Sweat comeback every weekend greg. Meanwhile had finished high school and enrolled at utah. state university. Come home on the weekends and she'd do my laundry impact me up with groceries. You know greg's dream of becoming a dentist. Had dimmed. Mel roberts told me. He encouraged his son to pursue a different path. His first quarter was in computer science. Any joyce split up with her longtime boyfriend nails and moved out of their condo. She landed in a small apartment. The bottom left-hand unit of a four plex on fortieth street in south ogden and she used to lay out in her front yard at the time and and after we had melissa she would be on the lawn in the summertime with melissa. Just just being a good grandma. Kim and randy. Welcome to second daughter melanie at the beginning of nineteen eighty two. Joyce and her sister. Dorothy would often make the two hour drive to west wendover nevada on the weekends where they would play the slots randy remembered wants running into her there while he was visiting wendover with his own parents. She told me just display. A dollar machine sells diamond nickel machines. I seven nine Just just try it. So i did. I hit one hundred dollars. Like just broadway just right. After that i hit another hundred dollars enjoys his kind of laughing at me saying see see you can do it. Joyce flipped away to win over by herself on occasion. She didn't always bothered to tell kim or greg about those impromptu trips so she called her weekend. Kim would worry about her kim. she's all right. Act at your mom. You know your mom. Greg decided to switch schools after finishing his first year at utah state he transferred to weaver state college which sat just east of joyce's apartment. She had spare bedroom and invited her son to move in which he did rhonda butters had not waited for doug level after he went to prison in nineteen seventy nine. She had soon married. A different man named richard ryan. S- cullen they had had a baby in eighty one a little girl. They had named alicia their relationship had proven rocky. Though rhonda felt unhappy and by eighty-two was considering divorce this was a daunting proposition rhonda thought about separating from her husband and moving back home with her own parents but while visiting them one day she received a phone call from doug the utah board of pardons and parole had led dug out even earlier than planned. He had left prison in january of eighty two and rented an apartment. At a place called pepperidge in clearfield his finances were in shambles upon his release. Doug's parents had connected him with an employee at their credit union. A woman named susan murage. I i met doug when i was collection officer in the collection apartment and i was collecting on a long that he'd had prior to going to prison. Susan was ten years older than doug. He seemed like a child to her young kids. Sandy blond hair bushy moustache flight frame and she did what she could to help them. Sort out the mess he had made like telling me what you gotta clean up your i you know i mean it wasn't like me talking to another adult. It was like me talking to a kid reestablishing credit and pulling his life around part of dogs post prison plan involved rekindling his romance with rhonda on this phone call in early eighty two. Doug told rhonda she should forget about moving back with her parents and instead move in with him at his new apartment rhonda vacillated her attorney had told her the divorce would go more smoothly if she wasn't cohabiting with another man. You're so wishy washy. Doug had said i wish he would just make up your mind. Rhonda did eventually choose to move in with doug at the pepperidge apartments. She brought her daughter alicia with her but soon found this led to problems. Doug told rhonda when he looked at alicia. All he could see was her estranged husband. Rondo told her friends. Doug scared her. They argued a lot. She would take alicia and leave when their fights became heated sometimes for a day sometimes for a week but he always lured her back late on the evening of january fourteenth. Nineteen eighty-three doug rhonda and alicia together in that little apartment watching tv when they heard a pounding at the door. Doug leapt up as the door. Jamb splintered around the deadbolt. He final thump sounded and the door swung inward revealing a man standing on the threshold. Rhonda's husband duggan rhonda's marital relationship was not a secret to ryan s- cullen but according to police reports he had had a few drinks that night and decided to confront them about it. They grappled rolling out of the apartment into the parking lot clearfield police responding to reports of a domestic dispute arrived minutes later to separate the two men. They arrested ryan on suspicion of burglary disturbing the peace and assault on a police officer official reports listed doug level as the victim later that same year duggan rhonda moved out of his little apartment. They up sized renting a little house near the border of clearfield and the neighboring city of sunset. They had been there just a few months. When in october of eighty three rhonda went into clearfield police headquarters. She told an officer doug told her he intended to kill her ex husband. She took the threat seriously because of their fight back in january as well as doug criminal history. According to a police report. Rhonda explained she had moved out of doug's house and back in with her ex. The officer warned rhonda. It could prove difficult securing a training order due to the different jurisdictions. They arranged to talk with the city attorney about that issue the next day..

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