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Yeah I'm like your smart in the back. come back you don't take a look we come back all the time and because we got family owned go go visit him and I'm always shocked at how bad it gets I went to the. the thing at the Anaheim convention center and driving on the freeway out there and along the river bed. ladies of tent where the homeless people are filled with drugs and crime and and what are we supposed to do just ignore that so we that's what they're trying to do trample on their rights there's no crime when you talk. those are you know and then walk through there about ten o'clock in yeah exactly yeah I with your little kids are old single woman I did try to cover assignment in Skid Row one time that was a scary thing what what did you do did you pretend like your home yes of believe pretend like I was a homeless and and the first thing I learned was that nobody there was an alcoholic. everybody there is a drug at right and then did somebody try to shake you down for where you work wanted to sleep that night yeah I like it you know its territory would you say that when I say that all the time. twenty eight percent it's like twenty four. and and the mostly do will diagnose yes they are they are mental problems with drug addict whatever I would say and and were you scared for your life did you sleep overnight on the street yes well people threaten you let's wait. we got a little right right right I just want to point out that the movie den of thieves was based on Richard so if you want to see what his life was like a watch that movie if I didn't do the legal ports. today's disclaimer Richard bell the margarines actual gaming expert treat it transaction gain experts here with us we're going to have the four special agent Forsman agency Derek esmalte about of the arm then we have just give on at two o'clock and Tom McClintock coming by to be or two o'clock the entry doctors but they live in seven ninety KABC..

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