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I'm getting paid for this question. Number one field. We have been texting all weekend about the rookie quarterback's so i'm just going to this. Isn't like a rank them question. I just want to know who impressed you. The most who is the best. But who impressed you. The most of the five justin field in part because he had the longest opportunity to play so we got the see the most from him. I thought though that just like there was growth shown from the beginning of the game where it felt like dinners. Got the best of him and like there were a couple throws like i'm like i know he can make that throw and he just missed or not not entirely missed but didn't put it right on the money but showed a lot of growth into the second half and yes he also faced decreasing levels of competition in the second half but the fact that he grew from i thought the first couple of drives to the subsequent derived. I thought was notable enough to give him like that. If i had to hand out a most impressive of those rookie quarterback's he would win. But all them. I thought were like not a single one. Raised my concerns much at all. They're kind of all advertise. They all had the traits that we saw in college. And i think any all fantasies should feel pretty good. I would put it that way. Yeah our question number. And i bet ovation say it wasn't the five record the first round rookie quarterback's because you just mentioned davis and he's not the only rookie quarterback. He played all right question number. Two who is a non quarterback rookie. Who impressed you this weekend. Non quarterback rookie. That impressed me this weekend. Let me take a prepared you for this. I'm just pulling up all the teams really ever seen this weekend. That makes me think. Of course my my browsers to go slower when i think about a team that sued because we did not see a ton of all of them. So let me Say specific. I was going to say like age. Martinez look good on that one catch that he had a in their in their they win if they want which is irrelevant in. The preseason doesn't matter doesn't matter Did you have an obvious answer. Put it back in the game. And he did look good but he did look good again. He did look good. Let a chart targets. Was josh power. By the way he did look now look good. I mean from the rams game. I'm obsessed with. Jacob ter harris whose their fourth round tight end who didn't play football until two years ago witches. He's he's six five guy who ran a four three nine. Hey hey stats. Don't matter in the preseason but they at least sometimes they are the derivative of interesting trades and reminder stevenson ripped off tw two touchdowns for the patriots including a ninety one yard. Which i he's probably the player that he's a fourth round. Pick that i think a year from now could be a very much a part of their offense and maybe sooner than that. I mean the guy to Again running backs can fluctuate all over the board. But it's not like you can't find really good for me back. He's going to be a player for the patriots. I question three. This is not what should they do. But do you think andy. Dalton is the starter week one versus the rams first chicago. No i changed my mind. There is that like. I think we're getting to. The rhetoric is already changing for matinee by to the point that i truly believe that it'll be justin fields. Whether that's announced two weeks from now the week of the game itself. I think just the field i saw. He was thrown now robinson. Someone tweeted about that. He was playing with the ones. And it's like all right. We're me life. It's having its avenue being questioned four so you are one of the hosts of the fantasy. Focus football podcast. I've asked you for advice now. I'm giving you the chance to give advice to meantime show listeners. Can you give us a name asleep. Pick at wide receiver. I feel like i'm putting you on the spot. Good i was. I was gonna give you a running back one so Because i have sort of changed my view in which i look through a look at sleepers. Only because there's so much coverage of the league which is tremendous right. I love the fact that there's so much exposure that most of the names that i mentioned sleepers Drafted in like two years ago. Meanwhile like he was in high school two years ago. We're never but like. I think i will say running back to is that to dylan's on an unknown name but based off where he's going if something were happened to aaron jones and even alongside aaron jones he may have standalone value. It'd dylan reeks of superstardom to me. He really brining mac stardom. I should say superstars probably a little bit gratuitous. But i think he'd be a really really good player as far as a wide receiver. A true sleeper is not that well known donovan. People's jones has been the talk or one of the talks of brown's training camps. six round. Pick out of michigan. A year ago always had a lot of potential. He was being drafted are suing me. He went later in the draft than his talent. Probably suggested lady leading into his final year at michigan. But i think donna jones has a chance to contribute as maybe cleveland's third wide receiver and he could figure into their future plans. Twenty twenty two and beyond. Yes that's definitely something to keep an eye on with how much money they're spending all right. Well as always last question comes from lenny. So lenny also knows that your fancy expert avid listener too fancy focused and he wants to know if you're gonna be embarrassed when his co host me times when i beat you now that i'm joining the espn league with you. I am so excited. That you're gonna be part of the war room league and lenny i know will be probably making all the difficult decisions for that roster but it's such a fun it's an enjoyable league for so many reasons sixteen teams which you sixteen teenagers just hard in general right especially those soon. Like titanic runningback where the death is so so thin There are certain people in that league that i prefer that i enjoy losing to.

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