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And we're talking on our feedback show. Today we've got a great guest to join US last week. We heard from earlier. This week are as Bush. Gaskets will join us on the feedback. Show to answer some of your questions. Talk about what he's been up to talk about the winners at war and much more with one of the Great. Rha P gassed from way back when our scouts? Here on the PODCAST Yesterday I got the chance to catch up with Rick. Devon's had a ton of fun talking with Rick Devon's we got into everything. Talk a lot of Tony and about what he's doing this week after pulling off that big move at tribal council check out the know. It alls as well and then still to come. We are going to have Antonio Missouri with us on this week in survivor. Plus not to mention the wiggle room as well. Where Josh Wigley? And I gotta get to everything from this week's episode and get into the wand off as well so being looking for that. Also look for too hot to handle finale coverage. I'm going to be with Kirsten McGinnis who's been following the show all week long and our panel tonight looking forward to that with high Haley strong and pujols Inva- Kelly and then of course. Don't forget about Rodney podcast. This weekend family feud is coming your way so stop coming up on. Rob Has a website dot com bribes. Website accomplish itunes for the subscription fee not to mention the BNB and Y. Sophie lost this weekend but before we get to Rs let me take a moment and thank our sponsor those our friends over at noon and look Trying to stay in shape or have different weight loss goals that God can be especially challenging right now so many of us are able to really work on physical fitness right. Now Gyms aren't open to us. That's where neum comes in because neum has a different approach. Neum is a habit changed program that uses psychology to teach you how your mind works so you can understand why you make the decisions you make and feel empowered to change for good with neum. You'RE GONNA pick goals..

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