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Chenier in for boomer and geo. This morning counter green is at the controls are taking your phone calls, most of the morning. Chuck Marsin will join us later and John Harper as well. Right now, phone calls, and we'll begin with our buddy, Robin lick success here on the fan, Robert, Richard leading, I everybody out there listening. Let's remember what today's all about and it's funny, I was thinking about Memorial Day. My dad actually had to go in during the Korean war era, and he actually thought it was something about growing up, and he actually didn't mind going into the service. And if you think about all the great blow players back in the fifties and forties. And even World War Two, Saint Louis Brown's got that have a year of making the World Series because a lot of players had to go in to the service and Ted Williams a great pilot great story with him. I mean this guy goes down through wars in the Korean war. He's, he's a fighter pilot and. You know, because of his eyesight, and, and just such an amazing bull a lot of these guys Lewis, pointed career, you know, coming back and that's the one mazing mandate. Go walk the come back and able to participate. I just wanna touch on two quick things. If you I heard it was at the beaches today, and I heard your interview with the Gary, who is wonderful really. It was such a good interview. I wasn't even aware that we, we had a club committed Delphi football which kind of you kind of let my my is up on that one. But just a wonderful interview. Learn about I remember bought stock because I just kind of missed out on his career, and it scores the Yankees, go, Richard. I am absolutely amazed. I watched him. I don't even watch the Mets. I just watched the Yankees 'cause it's gaining I don't like them but they're just they're almost unbeatable every day. You ought to be up by five runs or more beat this team. They almost pulled it out yesterday. And right now, I I don't see it only four or five teams in the league. It's really any good. And I know the old saying if you play you gotta play and next that's point of baseball, but the league is so watered down now that realistically, it's only gonna be I see, you know, Minnesota, maybe in the anti been number. I. Stocks are going to be able to beat them this year. I mean it's early, but in a playoff festive seven type of situation, the way the Yankees play. They don't even lose one or two games in a row, littlest four. I only see Houston is really only t maybe that can beat them. Yeah. Well, I, I would tend to agree with you there. I mean, I think the Red Sox will be heard from. I, I don't know this weekend is four game set. So we'll, we'll learn a little bit more there. But I'm looking at the league and I was looking at the schedule because we've heard okay there beating up on these tomato cans. Wait till they're the tough part of the schedule comes in and look into the scheduling going, when, when exactly is going to be no. You could make a case that this week might be difficult because San Diego's a better team than they have that. And you got Machado coming in and all that. And the Red Sox for four games. The Red Sox and only two games over five hundred now three games, I guess after last night. And San Diego is a west coast team coming east National League the age the whole thing. So I, I don't know how good the Padres are going to be against the Yankees. Let's be their stiffest competition for a while. And then it turns into Toronto. Cleveland is having a tough year. The White Sox. They've got Tampa Bay in Houston consecutively in the middle of June, which could be a little tougher, but then Toronto and, you know you just keep going we'll, we'll see how the Mets and the Yankees compare you know, depending on the health of the Mets, and how their pitching staff straightens out or doesn't straight now. But look at the key schedule. Jeez, they're gonna, they're gonna win one hundred games this year with their eyes closed even with this so-called diminished. This one eighteen if you will Richard is in Manhattan, you're on the fan. Richard, Richard issues mentioned. You're going to bring on Chuck Marsin and memories. Chuck mercenery played in that nineteen sixty seven ice bowl game, which is the second greatest football game ever played. Of course, the greatest game was he Allen BT came in tasty eight put the an NFL on Tabatha seven ice. Both now Chuck Marsin has distinction of going from the worst football team ever. The New York Giants nine hundred sixty six which he was the leading rusher on that team with three hundred and twenty seven yards in fourteen game schedule. He went from the giants to the Green Bay Packers. Probably two best football team ever. That sixty seven Green Bay Packers Mercer, which from Yale and what happened with Allie, Sherman. Some reason, didn't like him the quarterback for the giants and sixty six also was from a unique school. I Gary would with from Cornell anyway, in the ice bowl Chuck machine on that winning tried when star went over Jerry Kramer. Yeah. Instant replay, same. But when he was. Eva's actually a call for mercy. Mercy thought he was going to get the football there. Okay. And then he sees part star with a quarterback sneak and goes I gotta I gotta keep from running into this guy because if I push him into the end zone, they're going to they're going to flag me on that. So he had to really duck part staff ride the biggest play the game. It was a thirty eight. I attack is driving and star on third. And eight can you imagine just ran a plate machine? Any gain nine yards? They got the first down drive going. Can you imagine sports talk radio now with Lombardi calling on thirty and then Lombardi going civic touchdown with ten seconds left? Seventeen fourteen. He didn't go. He'll go short tie, and it was twenty degrees. I don't stand influenced twenty three degrees below zero in Green Bay lambofield Nobel the Lombardi said that he didn't think the fans could take another fifteen minutes are over long. It's. Resolve that game now knowing Lombardi in his pension for winning winning winning the kind of doubt that well, I'm going to think about the guy up in the third row here. Think he's thinking about this is the way we win the game. But yeah I mean I, I read a great account of, of that drive because I was I was young. I watched the game but I don't remember a whole lot from it. But everybody's talking about, you know, Bart star and that drive most of that drive was check Marsin. Bart Starr, only completed one pass in that drive to win the game. And the thing you gotta keep in mind, too, is at Vince Lombardi was not calling the place. This is pre helmets. That had walkie talkies in them. This was when the quarterback called the place now on the famous quarterback. Sneak. There was a time out call before that and Bart Starr did go to the sidelines and talk to Lombardy. And apparently, they were both in agreement that no we're not going to kick a field goal here. We're going to go for it. And I think it was, and we'll get this from Chuck Marsin that it was stars opinion that, hey, we go for quarterback sneak, and apparently that wasn't even in the playbook, but it was okay this is the blocking pattern. And this is where the whole is going to be, and as I said machine claimed that he thought he was going to get the football and instead star kept it and ran the quarterback. Sneak and machine. You know, on a on a hand off of becoming up behind Bart Starr. And unlike what you see today, which I think needs to be some what rectified where you see a guy being tackled. And then you see offense of linemen behind that guy pushing him forward. Right now, there used to be illegal, and I think it still is where you're not allowed to push your guy forward if he's running play. And there's a bunch of guys trying to tackle them. But nowadays, you see it all the time. But machine thought, hey, if I do that if I run into him in bump him any nudges him over the goal line. They're gonna call me for I don't. I don't know what the technical term is an unwarranted assists, and it's not going to be so good. So we'll get into that with Chuck mercy a little bit later on Jim is in Dix hills here on the fan. Jim. Good morning, Richard. How you doing today? Jim I'm doing good. Boy. You got what you six thirty in the morning. The energy, you got me. What do you what do you take? Is it just coffee or, or is there something the five minute energy? What what's, what's your big boost here? Well, the good news, it's Richard today. I don't take anything. If you would've known me back in the Woodstock era, you know that Corey weekend. And yes, me what do you got? Enough said, don't donate donate yourself. But there is a statue of limitations might have been a different answer that question, you know, I used to watch all those pack of games for, and I don't even remember that name Chuck missing. I remember, you know, Jimmy tail or pull haunting but but quickly only thing with the salaries I talked to say quick, you know, Sommese the things you pointing out that they are correct. A lot of the things about how, what have this hour stuff is structured? I agree with you go against the general feeling of capitalism the quick to have for you is, I'm watching the Mets a few weeks ago. And I know I've told you how frustrated with the Mets overall. And it's one of these endings where the couple runners on base, they have a chance to, like, I think they was down by Runa, whatever all of a sudden one look iris comes up to that. I said to myself, all right. This is in automatic out. You know, now I know he had a big hit like two weeks ago. One of the, you know, six or seven times in sees. He'll have a big head. But this is a guy I couldn't believe it when, when they said in terms of his future that he's making nine million dollars. And I said to myself, my thoughts, you is, how many people you think which go into a field? Like trying to be a financial advisor twenty to sell real estate anything else that's a difficult field to, to break into who were as bad at what they do. As one of our says, if being a hitter who, who wind up making nine million people in those fields will be lucky if they could even own a home and pay their bills, you know. So that's the other end of that world. Well, this is this is part of, of a guaranteed contracts in, in baseball and football. You got the opposite where you know you can play really well you get hurt. Well too bad. You're, you know, you get a little bit of severance, and that's the end of it, that doesn't really seem fair because you get hurt plying your. Your trade, but in baseball, you know if you can go she ate a thing based on what they think you're going to be worth. And you know, we heard a lot of talk in the off season about the Mets on. They wanna get rid of all, I'm Gareth's because he's making nine million and he's not a hitter..

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