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No. Echo of you guys here just work through it. Because we're not hearing it believe me. Okay. Will does that one thing that were kind of to me? Two. He was a big deal, basically. Have a place and they will have enough time to. Which is a. I mean. Going. What you may was going on. I'm not thinking about it in a believe that. Be universal. Oh. By not having enough time. I don't know. I don't know how to to gauge that to be honest with you. Repeat yourself. Mike echoes gone. Okay. Go on go. You saying that you you you don't say it again get I don't know how to gauge this all I didn't white wants to test. And I'm sure every Josh wants to. I just don't know why dealing white brought that up as a main. You know, what man is just a smear AJ's name. I'm not going run with Dillion on this one. Like, there was always been the rumors or accusations of AJ, and whether or not he's testing clean. So, you know, he's always been tested though. Like, this is just dilly and trying to stir the pot man like, oh, I won't vita test. And all that like this. What you think this is the first time AJ's been doing vodka Okada? He's always been tested. This is just DeLeon China again stir the pot. I think would you think. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there is definitely controversy now at an end because of the fact that dealing WikiLeaks filling that there's not an adequate amount of time to do a proper vodka testing. I don't know if he's just being super precaution. I mean, what is them on a time that he needs her once because Eddie Hearn in my interview said that the fights pro is not five you mean, April probably mean, you know, months later, they're gonna have to get a new venue scrap, the current April thirteen Wimbledon do something else. So from that point Antony. Josh was also stated the monetize time he wants in a proper training camp. So easy does eight ten weeks. So ten eight weeks is probably the normal protocol for testing. I think ten ten or anything outside of the normal training camp to do is probably the best option to they do eight weeks of training ten weeks of audit should be the best or the minimum. I just don't understand like what is taking so long, you know, dealing why he's not the guy but the to go with him big baby. I'm doing everything. I mean like saying everything, right? And saying that he'll take the state because he got them. Am I not a shepherd? Oh, I'm is. What am I what I was thinking that sheep though, because she shepherd. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a separate of the seat. To reject sheep's in following the shepherd ma-. Rejects. Keeps in a chat following a shepherd typing about the shepherd you guys made me so fucking proud. Like, I fucking maybe do like a kid for new hood is on top for talking shit, and you fucking Rafael robe Elta over there. Talking about me double ours shit. Sign up pussies knock your fucking UK heads off..

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