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I guess it probably wouldn't be so smellavision then not smellavision but smellovision it was it was styled smellovision but it was clearly upon on television so i don't know if we're wrong to pronounce it to rhyme with television likes smellavision smell of are we going to say smellovision the whole time well like that i do say jacco lantern but that that hyphen o in the middle like centro matic or you know there were a lot of o matic seven ovation's it was the vow of the future yeah i'd but is it is it like a is it a tip of the hat to to uh to the irish or is it is what i would think the evidence it's not the smell of vis henry well verve two years today vision it's smellavision two year so what is the significance how did that how did that become the way that we describe something how did how was that the way the people in the forties and fifties described some new technology if you think if you think about it he replace it with other vowels it does seem let's feet less futuristic you don't want to smell lou vision smelly vision owl a vision smellovision and also the big visual oh in the middle it's like a black hole sucking in both ends of the word with its immense gravity it's a good vowel i of it but i'm wondering specifically like mix mc mc so trond zen and are they really that many examples i think i mean i it's ringing a bell now in my head i mean there are probably a lot of greek routes that ended with oh right like words start with auto matic or pano rama ride pano vision except it's panavision with an eye does guys miss.

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