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Moving into Queens. We've got some traffic on the van White coming up to the Grand Central because of weekend long construction project closing the right lane from the van White through the grand siecle flooding on the L I e es at the Grand Central, then some flood Thing on the grand Central heading east right at the L I e V a little bit of flooding on the BQE north coming up to the Brooklyn Bridge. So watch for the right lane to be closed off in through the area and traffic looks pretty good on the FDR in the West Side Highway over in New Jersey. 78 East. We have some delays coming into exit 58 with a crash there. W A B C weather from the Ramsey Monster Weather Center. The heavy rain will be with us through the morning tapering off to just showers by this afternoon. And about 45 tonight, Clear Cold 30 Tomorrow Sunny, breezy and 40 Monday and Tuesday look pretty good, Mainly sunny and about 40. I'm Steve Michael's 77. W A B C traffic and weather. Music Radio 77 w ABC Presents Saturday nights with Tony Orlando every Centralia 10 P.m.. Hi, everybody. This is Tony Orlando three times on the ceiling guests and great music from the sixties seventies and so much more Saturday nights were made for music Radio 77 W. A. B. C and Tony Orlando.

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