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Getting by a crash in two left lanes Friday. Traffic is slow at times on 95 but without incident between Springfield and Fredericksburg, Dave Tilden w T o P traffic. Let's get to storm team for Amelia Draper with us this afternoon, Amelia, we do have a little bit of storm activity out there. We do have some thunderstorm activity out there, Shawn. But a few things today will not equate what we experienced last night. The first being cloud cover the second being cooler temperatures out there Now I am going to continue to track some pockets of heavier rain as scattered showers and thunderstorms continue to impact the region throughout the evening hours. In fact, right now we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. For parts of Culpeper County. This is going to go until 5 45 This thunderstorm is producing a lot of heavy rainfall as it slowly sinks toward the south, also tracking some scattered showers and thunderstorms down in this Stafford area along 95 of use showers and thunderstorms up into Frederick County in Maryland out there these air moving through the city now and for the most part are just south of the city, travelling along to 70 heads up in Bucky's town and her band. You might see some of this activity so scattered showers and thunderstorms out there during the evening. Our storms could continue to have heavy rain leading to some flooding concerns. Maybe some isolated, damaging winds. But I'm not seeing a huge spread for that widespread tonight. We will have some patchy fog overnight with lows in the low to mid seventies. This activity looks to fizzle by about 9:10 p.m. As the sun goes down for tomorrow, partly sunny, hot and humid highs around 90 feel more like triple digits when you found her in the humidity levels, mostly to partly sunny on Sunday, with highs in the mid to upper nineties will have a heat index Sunday clothes to heat advisory criteria. So that's something we will be monitoring out there this weekend and then Monday, it's dangerously hot, with highs in the upper nineties and the heat and Sex around and above 90 degrees. Currently, we're only at 83 in Washington,.

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