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The Charlie Kirk show podcast We're going through this story here It's just a somewhat of a silly story but it goes to show what the left used to be and at least what the base of what liberals said they were defending which was this idea that were countercultural We're going to reject modernity that people are going to try to make money off of our bodies And I talked about this in my conversation And I don't even think I did a good enough job of making the point to be perfectly honest with you Against vous and you guys can listen to that two and a half hour conversation on our podcast and calls himself a libertarian socialist still don't understand how that works But he hates companies massive massive companies making money off each other making money off of people And they're like and now we must go pedal the vaccine And so there was this aspect though of the hippie era that you know we as conservatives made fun of and it's understandable because some of their demands were so outrageous and especially when it came to their embrace of kind of the sexual revolution But there was this part of the hippie era where the hippies were actually more conservative than the Rockefeller conservatives were Not on social conservative not on social issues But on issues that came to maintaining a certain way of life it was the Rockefeller and bush Republicans from Kenny bunk port Maine They were like you know what It's not a big deal all of a sudden if our kids are staring at screens for 7 hours a day Who cares as long as our taxes are low And the hippies that were in the 1960s and 1970s they were the ones that were talking about how technology could become a massive existential threat to human existence I'm going to get so many emails from you guys like oh Charlie why are you praising hippies like shut up hippies were terrible Okay fine that's not the point The point is this Is that this new story from human events dot com that's human events dot com by Jack Pascal human events terrific I know the leadership team there they do a wonderful job I know a lot of people that have worked very hard and getting human events to growing And it is one of the fastest growing conservative websites out there which is a phenomenal story which proves my point Gavin Newsom back in 2019 opposed vaccine mandates in meeting with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of course the son of Bobby Kennedy whose killer has now been released really strange Saran serran is his name is that right It surrounds around is that the guy who killed him Is that right Yeah that's right Surrounds around And so in this meeting in June of 2019 two years ago in a couple months ago Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who's been on our podcast is a very decent person We agree very little politically I don't know how true that is anymore But anyway the realignment is happening at such a dramatic pace But Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said quote California governor Gavin Newsom has just passed that test with his wise and sober opposition to a draconian proposal to forcibly vaccinate medically fragile children against the wishes of their parents and the community He said this we don't measure character or leadership by a commander's posture during moments of comfort But by his willingness to stand against the tides of storms tied in storms of collective opinions during eras of controversy and hysteria Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote in a Facebook post California governor Gavin Newsom has just passed that test with his wise and sober opposition to a draconian proposal to forcibly vaccinate medically fraudulent children against the advice of their parents in their position The question is what has changed Newsom said back in 2019 I believe in immunizations However I do legitimately have concerns about a bureaucrat making a decision that is very personal Now it's 2019 And now you have Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom that have now officially closed the book on the entire era of individual body sovereignty And all of a sudden that kind of ties the piece together with this GQ article Is that the last glimpses of California's vanishing hippo utopias yet They're giving a eulogy This is the hippie eulogy It's over JD Vance wonderful guy running for Senate who have endorsed in Ohio has the hillbilly eulogy Elegy not eulogy chief Louis Elegy this is the hippie eulogy To totally different words Hippie eulogy and two totally different things But this is a eulogy They're saying it's done The liberals that used to care about what you put in your body and how you put it in it We control you now You are subservient to the state You are now nothing more than a cog in the corporate machine How did we get here Well as many of us in the conservative movement have experienced is the hyper charged very angry leftist women coming up to you and screaming at you on college campuses because you believe that abortion needs to be ended screaming my body my.

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