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Dot com and let the healing begin dog starting five Harris Hammond's Edwards camara and Wheeler they hit the floor Arkansas out ready to get this one under way our officials tonight Joe let's see Brian Shea and Robert Rorke hello short Anthony Edwards here where is it here's a last minute business over to the bench there about eight grand to go now usually all the way down to score stable well paid bills whatever body this is a friendly guy he hops out onto the floor to Monica Mar the subtle circle for Georgia in atrial Bailey in the center circle for Arkansas great to see if they just feel so much better and it's obvious yeah that was evident on Wednesday night well one with thirty six points against South Carolina unfortunately the dogs came up short in overtime there's a toss of the tap control by the dogs we are underway severe Wheeler will chase down that lose basketball carried across the timeline and here we go in Athens next the last home game of the regular season one more to go on Wednesday against the Gators will be senior night payments with the ball spins it facing up puts it up with him with a lot of the beautiful blue right in front of the basket ratio gets the dogs off to a good you know in that movie that make getting to line a few times tonight and that's what coach greens look at Arkansas the girl from the left side jumper just above the foul line bye guys a Joe is no good this is the seventeenth voter dogs with the rebound now tomorrow the other in a three by two money that's no good rebound on the right baseline tap control by the Razorbacks years Mason Jones is a juris dangerous player yet thirty seven in the last game in their win over Tennessee on which they're not leading scorer the SEC step back three two deep back are no good to a degree bound up in the air Jordan Harris goes and gets it for the Bulldogs featured up ahead the Wheeler into the front court severe penetrate kick out left tomorrow to money rather camara the left corner any file going through the lane trying to distribute it got blocked tripped up a little bit in a particular slide on the floor of the file it's gonna be called Ethan Henderson the six eight sophomore for Arkansas that's his first and the team's first dogs will inbound left to the basket twenty of the shot clock Edwards feeds it into Wheeler from the Arkansas bed she walks up the wait a little bit Spence against Isaiah Joe posted up left of the lane leans in and scores off the glass he is so deadly off that left side that's that's his left hand he looked in dominant and he can make the most often for nothing dogs Mason Jones along the baseline we cut it off the city back out of the way Jimmy whips jumper mid range to two D. no good rebound dogs Edwards feeds Harris Harris called for the charge as you would barely in under the basket took a body whether men Jordan who filed out of Wednesday's game against South Carolina picks up his first followed for nothing dogs almost two minutes into the ball game Arkansas from left to right from our vantage point here in the first half lots of the ball Mason Jones left and dribbled at the top of the key bounce feet inside the Joe throws it out as he loses his balance doubles out of bounds he's able to save it into a teammate Bailey for three from the right wing guarded missed it badly that's right that's four straight to start the game Edward step back three right the bottom Anthony Edwards because it is it a scanning energy three Italy the seven up again Scott that's what that you can't that you know he's going to get those this will be a long night Ross Joe thought about the three Wheeler extending his defense about five feet above the three point line to give that up now Bailey has a right edge of the lane to cross the left quarter Isaiah Joe trying to draw contact no whistle they get it back to it now he fires at three bases in the corner with the shot contested stocks rebound push it up to harass pull up three left side we're talking about school board thirty second time out that by the way your switch the car wash express play of the game they did get a body on race on Hammond's junkie came flying out of nowhere one up high above the room to finish listening not happy about all well what I'm really happy about all the stops for getting all depressed we've had five consecutive six six great stuff we've had down here on the what concrete reaches about three consecutive stops we consecutive stops that's part of being able to build a lead adult to what you're doing you know take the lead help provide all that goes into that formula in George's at numerous stops to start this ball game a nine nothing run to begin the game as Arkansas is on hold for for for their first five Georgia four of six but of course a lot of time together seventeen minutes ago here the first chapters Mason Jones drive in a kick out of the corner desi sills off the bench she's a dangerous player off the bench that's got to be a charge Lisa Jones so don't ever say that's gonna be a charge about that when I you know it's always a local court Mason Jones was called for the office to file Jones six five sophomore or junior other junior college transfers from desoto Texas leads the SEC in scoring just frustrated here the first three and a half minutes of this ball game though because they haven't gotten anything on the board you dogs with a nine nothing leaders Wheeler under the basket spank his hand with a roller to do they reversed it underneath the glass or on the other side little showing off eleven straight points to start the game for Georgia dogs eleven nothing Arkansas with the ball along the baseline it traffic they put it up Joe this is a little bank shot no good rebounded the dogs he claimed he got hit on the head play long years Hammond straight away this is in another time is this will turn into the full time out with sixteen oh four to go in the half fourteen that up they want to start by the dogs well as a lead dogs it was those two interceptions for returns for stocks we'll take it and we'll take this break back in a moment of the bulldog sports network all season Georgia fans we show our teams here year round now with the Georgia.

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