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The warehouses in the wake of the corona virus pandemic Amazon fired Emily Cunningham and merit Costa the company says it supports an employee's right to criticize but notes that it does not come with quote blanket immunity against any and all internal policies and quote C. N. B. C. reports Amazon policy prohibits workers from speaking about the come but he's business without management approval Frank Lenzi komo news the university of Washington model that tells us the number of coronavirus hospital cases has peaked is now making another prediction as commerce Brian Calvert reports it's the first time someone predicted an end to the outbreak in the US there's been a lot of speculation that the first wave will ab sometime this summer Dr Christopher Murray told CNN last night his model predicts it will be the first week in June that's when he says will hit the magic number point three deaths per million people in the U. S. so basically sixty death to United States in a day would be that threshold right now we're experiencing sixty deaths for every one million Americans and there's also a giant asterisk in this production Murray is quite clear the prediction assumes we remain at or near current levels of social distancing until June we've been paying off to see before them and we're pretty confident we'll just see a rebound of the epidemic if if that's what were what was to happen Brian Calvert komo news you did medicine has announced that every single patient admitted to its hospitals will now be tested for covert nineteen change for us we've been screening all patients who are symptomatic for over a month Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says they can now test all incoming patients because they have same day turnaround times with help from the work that's being done at the schools virology lab if weeks of isolation and social distancing have left you feeling anxious or depressed you dub psychologists say you are certainly not alone now they want to hear from you in hopes of helping others couples core when he complains we're social creatures we humans isolation is bound to feel weird says uta professor Jonathan cantor if you are one of those people who is just fueling this really strongly you're sort of waking up every morning and you're feeling more anxious and overwhelmed and you can't quite put your finger on it to recognize that this is actually normal characteristic drove the YouTube center for the science of social connection the center is inviting two thousand volunteers to take it daily cell phone survey to check on their mood and social well being we.

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