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The day i can remember talking to a couple of draft picks terrell buckley and troy vincent so we did this back in the day i remember that did talk back then who did you want all of those two debates 'cause they were totally different guys mum antibok t buck hit day myself right now but he literally was one of my favorite athletes ever terrell buckley i loved him because of his game and his flair and this guy swagger was unbelievable and kind of an undersize guy but an unbelievable athlete and the smacked it this guy could talk which is absolutely incredible troy vincent on the other hand was a totally different guy different mentality different the way carried himself certainly different embodies side and we used to do that so even go back to that you're in the nineties we would always talked draft ex ante keo spice was a guy that we targeted like i know that guys can be a really good nfl player it i'm let's be real about this not be selfish of course i want to get him with these guys before they get into the league maybe they remember that i made that phone call and they had a good interview and then they're going to blow up in the nfl in they'll still be accessible i'm not stupid and we want a preview the nfl draft so to says i knew i'd made it when i came on your show when i had the immune cincinnati i really think i taught before the draft is woman to find out hey stuck night when was the first time i talked to to keo spikes if i don't know you would that predate salvi albis usually the senior member i'd go to him by going to get out i'm really late many wilkins top the hour atp next hour twitter contest next hour i still want to go over that raiders win and i am even talk of lake in clippers yet awful life because it jeff from san antonio i'm not for sports update here it is better late than never rich ackerman.

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