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Beginning with an act of cruelty. Okay. That is yeah good line and I don't want to send people into the cages with the Saudi geese. That's too far. It's too far. Here's what I'm saying these are the rules we set out either the consequences I'm not going in there you're choosing to. Break the rules. All right never mind chance chancellor. Ruling with an iron. Fist. Good Lord. I'm stepping down before taken out. For my fourth pick before we take any more of my picks. My fourth pick. Brought to you by Chad's radio station, whatever may be called. In the courtyard, we need entertainment This is for you Ryan We need a hell in the sale style cage in the courtyard there are built in bleachers and whatever apocalypse this may be we can capture the things in this apocalypse put them in the cage and people will be entertained by watching fights to the death between zombies aliens. Not, a McGee's people that spend too much time in the cages. If it's a superbug. If God. Forbid a virus wipes out of the country we go into an apocalypse. What if we put a bunch of people in this cage and hang? Hang a vaccine from the top of the cage and throw like fifty people in there. Are you not entertained? It's little lies but. You wouldn't entertaining. Absolutely. Yes weekly if not nightly steel cage matches to the death. Lying. I'm just saying I thought we were out here expecting that on a day-to-day basis. The primary entertainment we have is smoking fucking and watching movies, and now I learned that we also have gladiatorial cage matches between all of our enemies and also those of us who can't Act Right You. Don't even drinking. If I had no we were GONNA go full Roman Empire in this bitch I would have very different picks. Time. I mean I got one left but I don't know what to go with now because I'm like we'll shit. All right. I mean I'm not saying, no, I'm sorry I'm sorry Dave. You know how this show works. You've been here for forty six. I'm not saying, no, I'm. Not Saying No. I just wish I'd been informed of this before we got in the bunker because I would have made flyers right room. Got It. I'm just trying to stay out of that pit. Will you're the one that wants your own your own underground bunker separate from every now I don't want I don't want to separate bunker. You can go with the kids I service out of one of the his. As a matter of fact, separate from spoilers there's a there's an unintended door in the soundproof kid bunker. That empties into the. Just to gain cates. If. Shit goes sideways. We just opened that door and then they run into the cage and then whoever's attacking us and we're like holy shit or they're paying. Some kids are probably asshole. This is true and if we get some like Mad Max style raiders that are covering the earth and they like show up and they're like Oh shit we were going to raid you but we just WanNa live here. Now you got cage matches with Kids Your If you come back on Tuesday? We have sodomy. Geeze. Definitely. Thinks don't mix. We're not I'm not a monster he I'm not trying to get canceled. So everybody listening the sodomy in the children are kept far far apart and Apart otherwise release them out into the world to uh, you know. Exactly. Made our enemies. I'M GONNA assume with this kind of society we have an immediate threat. Oh, most certainly even if it's just the other bunkers who have actual like we're the only ones who have all the religious iconography. So all the other ones are just like these goddamn degenerates and they WANNA wipe us off the face of the planet. We're just like whatever dog. Yeah Hail Satan. I'm not trying to dive he shows up but also Jesus we cool I said, sorry, I believe your book says I can do that and we're all. Take taxis. Shit. Judgment. He died for my sins. We're good Muscian was cowardice. Saw the, devil, have you ever seen the devil fucked up? Scared the shit play his music on my radio station. He. Thought he was going to be way cooler too. I started playing like some. Metallica backwards and you just like what the fuck are you doing. I heard I thought it was the thing I don't know. God All right I. Don't even know where we are now broken Ariel. It is time for your fourth and fifth picks. o both. Okay. So I think you're going to pick up on a theme here me a fully stocked. You are all all the 'cause look like I said not not. Really. I don't really dig. I'm super happy. It's going to be there though 'cause like again get get your Chil-. But yeah, I can do with the best home. And I mean. A nice little. With hydroponics lab, we can also grow fresh hops in barley grains to continue making our booze absolutely, and that means that look if you're a hipster, you can continue being a hipster in the buck lips you're not allowed you're not allowed in. Okay. All right. Yeah we have a strict, no man Bun. I i. will fight to the death we refer to those bitch biscuits. Biscuits okay. Then faction. As I am no longer chancellor clearly clearly aerial. A. I will offer to fight in the arena for the right to bar hipsters from the bunker. I will put my life on the line for that policy or I will offer to fight any hipster who decides to come in, and if they can't best me in unarmed combat, they gotta go I. You go either way than we tell them that apocalypse is mainstream now in the fucking cut it out done. We don't need to build bunkers. Just, throw modern technology at them and they'll fucking melt like the wicked. So. Cool. Short. One year. Oh. My God. All right area. What is your final pick? Chris Hemsworth. I'm not getting complaints. Damn. Tube I I said a two gun and you're bringing fucking and. I don't think I even have to explain that one. No, not really no. No. I did it. I think my list is pretty solid. I think so as well. Chris. Hemsworth. Shit. I mean. He's around for if you accidentally walk into the sodomy goose cage, it gives you a hug I think you'll be.

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