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Of all Americans. Let me now you to my friend at his thing was gentle lady from Florida, Debbie, so Powell. News conference earlier today on Capitol Hill WCS PFM, Washington. Thank you, Representative Jeffries Representative Clark for bringing this issue to light and helping lift the voices of Americans impact in by the gun violence pedantic in this country as some of you may already know this is a very personal issue for me as well. I am never going to forget the day that I received the phone call when I was twenty four years old telling me that my father was shot and killed by criminal with a gun. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans in this country. Now share the same story as mine the pain that I feel when we discuss this issue here today when I hear the news of the mass shootings in parkland. Orlando Aurora last week is still there. This is a real she spent radio programming from Tuesday WC SPF from Washington. And I remember my father always talking to me about when he would walk me down the aisle. And I will never forget that he was not there that day. When I took the oath of office. I made a promise that I would not stop until we finally passed commonsense. Gun reform, I owed that promise to my father and to so many families in my community who have lost loved ones to gun violence this week. We will be voting on. And it is my hope that we will pass to critical pieces of commonsense. Gun reform legislation HR eight and HR eleven twelve we all know that most Americans over ninety five percent of Americans support universal background checks in my district. We have some of the highest rates of gun violence for kids under the age of eighteen and we also have two of the largest gun shows in America HR, eight addresses that issue and it closes that gun show loophole. If these bills can save precious lives from being the next victims of gun violence. Then the effort is well worth it. We made a promise to the American people to make our communities safer, and this is a promise fulfilled this week. Thank you. Debbie, and let me now yield to my friend man who has been a champion. For gun violence prevention here in the United States house of representatives of the lead sponsor of HR aid. Someone who has credibility on this issue given his service to this country. Given a district that he represents and his authentic commitment to making life better on the issue of gun violence. This thing was gentleman from California. Mike thompson. Well, thank you. Mr Chairman Madam vice chair, my two new colleagues who are just a wonderful bright spot in this new class in our new congress. Thank you for all the work that you're doing the commitment that you bring to this issue for the last six and a half years. I worked on the issue of expanding background checks before someone can buy a gun. It wasn't one day a week. It wasn't once in a while. It was part of every day for six and a half years for six and a half years. We had no cooperation from the past majority. We couldn't get a hearing on the Bill. We couldn't get a vote on the Bill today. We're here to tell you that it's a new day with this new majority. We have made a commitment to address the issue of gun violence. The first Bill that will be brought up HR eight I learned when it was in the judiciary committee when it passed. It was the first time that the judiciary committee has passed a gun violence prevention Bill of consequence in the last twenty six years. This is a big step to make sure that our communities are safer. Universal background checks will ensure that people that try and buy a gun will go through a background check. It's our first line of defense in making certain that people who wanna buy a gun and shouldn't have a gun. Don't get access to that firearm. This is important. We have two hundred and thirty two co authors is bipartisan, Democrats and Republicans and tomorrow will send that Bill with a strong vote to the United States Senate. And then all of the passion that are two new members talked about today, all of the young people across the country who don't want to be victims of gun violence, all of their parents who don't want their kids to be victims of gun violence. Everyone who has brought us to this point. Can then focus their attention on the Senate and make sure that. The will of the people is heard, and we get that Bill heard over on the Senate side. So thank you all for being here. Thank you. My colleagues for all that you've done to make this a reality. And back to the House Democratic caucus chair Kim Jeffries the gun violence epidemic in the United States of America. Is an actual national emergency. The days of this house burying its head in the sand are now over let me now open it up any questions. Two points of criticism. The other side always say about this is the first one they'll say look at high profile shootings in parkland or the attempts on Mr. scully's life. This would not have done anything to deter. Either of those incidences. And the second one is to say Republicans often identify background checks is being unenforceable with adding national gun registry. Those are the two points of criticism. Your opponents always would you be willing to address those concerns knowing that soon as we leave this event, if we talked to Republicans that's what we're going to be told. Sean, I'm going to yield to Mike Thompson in any of the other members who want to respond, but this is a important step in the right direction. It is a beginning to address a national epidemic with respect to gun violence in the United States of America. The overwhelming majority of the American people support universal criminal background check legislation because it's the right thing to do. We need to close the gun show loophole. We need to close the internet sale loophole. That's what we are doing. I'll just add that any time. The other side says that this isn't enforceable without a national registry. That's code word for they wanna do a national registry. And it's important to note. NHRA it specifies that there is nothing in this Bill that can be used to establish a national registry. And no they're wrong about that. Every day a hundred and seventy felons and fifty domestic abusers are stopped from buying a gun at licensed dealers because of the background check it works. We know it works. There's a lot of evidence out there that suggests that clarifies the fact that it works, and as far as anybody who says, well this Bill wouldn't have solved this this incident. The only thing that will solve everyone is to do away with guns. So are you telling me that the critics of my Bill wanna do away with all guns? I just want to address what we hear as well. That exactly what congressman Thompson just said that this idea that we should do nothing because no one Bill will prevent all gun violence is absurd. And we have to look no further than the band that Republicans upheld on research on how to best solve gun violence in this country. So if you were serious about this and feel that comprehensive background checks is not the answer. Then you would fund research into what is the correct answer. The hypocrisy is is so blatant here. And we cannot be afraid to take a step. We don't have the cure for any chronic disease at the beginning. But you do it by pieces and by research and. Developing. We know that background checks work. They keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. That's what we're going to be voting for this week. That's what the American people are asking congress today congresswoman Kathleen Clark, the House Democratic caucus vice chair. Do you support that want to see it come to the house floor? I.

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