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The point now where I don't like to touch any type of devices, any type of communication nothing I wanna I forced myself now to be alone in my own thoughts because that's where the genius is not that I'm a genius s where I can discover what is really going to be meaningful on my life later on to where it when I'm walking in visualizing the life that I wanted create I'm not done manifesting. My man that's got a long way to go who knows what the Hell's going to happen and who knows I might not lose it all tomorrow whatever that might be I mean I'm blessed with the opportunity right now Rahmael Regia, a huge audience which I'm never even asked me a year ago was starting to podcast. I'm blown away I gotta look at some numbers that I'm like, how enough? What do you? What's wrong with you people like why? Are. You against I mean what the Hell's going on I mean, do you have that similar type of feelings or emotions that go on when you're actually looking in seeing how many people you make an impact with? Yeah all the time. Right like people talk about imposter syndrome. And I I live that every day. Actually I spoke in an event out in Montana about a year and a half ago. Pre Cove of course. And one of the questions I was asked like, do you ever deal with? Imposter Syndrome and how do you get over it? I go I don't get over it. I, just keep moving forward because yes, reaction that I have is tied to the purpose of helping individuals right? Like I said you off the record at one point Chris that people have reached out to me because your podcast I decided not to take my life. And that's enough for me. If it was the one listening, right look I, still show up because there's the purpose right like I became helping one person and that's all we need. Now obviously, the podcast is grown and I'm like this is this is insane like I'll speak at places and there's forty five minutes to an hour of a line of people that want to talk to me. Weird moments but I know it's all part of the process and the bigger vision and the bigger goal of making an impact right like. I've never had this. That's a lie. So I've had in the past I've had financial goals of always I want to be millionaires. It'd be they all have at some point yet. We've all not point and I decided that like every time I chase money I should say the world decided every time I chased money at alluded the shit out of me. Yeah. I was like Damn I just want I just want to make money and I couldn't..

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