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California's fire. That continues to burn extremely steep and remote Cal fire incident commander Sean Cavanagh beyond say dedicated her performance at Ford. Field to the, Queen of, soul drawing, thunderous roar from Aretha Franklin's hometown in Detroit sources tell the AP that Franklin is, seriously ill this is ABC news KOA NewsRadio time is one oh. To Denver Bronco quarterback Chad Kelly has been promoted, to number two quarterback on the depth chart after his place Saturday night against the Vikings. So now what about Paxton Lynch he. Has great potential physical potential but equal performance eventually you know he understands that gets a performance league coach Vance Joseph. Broncos bears will be practicing together starting today and then they'll play, game two of the preseason Saturday at Bronco stadium and mile high our. Coverage begins at, four kickoffs 705 the, teenage aunt of seven-year-old Jordan Vong found dead in his family home last week will be charged as an adult Denver DA has filed notice. To, charge Vong Zandt with first degree murder and child abuse. Resulting in depth because, of Jordan's death still, pending the filing says the boy was murdered and his body, was wrapped in a blanket and hidden in the portable closet in the basement bedroom in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy eight Ron stallworth was a twenty five year old. Cop Colorado Springs Colorado springs first black officer heated then decided to, try to infiltrate the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan by responding. To a newspaper, ad he would then go on and write about his experience in book called black klansman which is now a critically acclaimed movie directed and produced by Spike Lee The basic issues that I dealt with my basic story is in there Spice it up a. Little bit for the sake of a plot stalwart speaking with CBS four he, was in town yesterday to watch a screening. Of the film last night the Arizona Diamondbacks loss the LA dodgers lost that means the Colorado Rockies are now one game back in the NFL west just behind the Diamondbacks tied with the dodgers start, a. Road trip tonight in Houston against. The Astros first pitch at six ten our next update at one thirty I'm. Roger Cordoba on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty. AM and ninety four one FM Traffic seems to, be slowing evenly on. C. four seven even though you've got some ramp closures at. Santa Fe university you got nothing slowing down right now. On I twenty five through the tech center on ice seventy you've got road. Work taking place between. Ward and thirty-second at young field you've got nothing interfering with. The drive on thirty six. Between here in boulder you should be able to make time on it's still on the slow side boulevard as you make your way from me four seventy to the airport you've got roadwork in Jackson gap the CBS four weather it's going, to be mostly sunny today. With high of eighty six in Iceland is going to down to about sixty, then tomorrow expect a high of eighty nine. And tomorrow.

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