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On there but then they also received an email thing that this credit monitoring membership thing is also available where you can lock and unlock your credit file with push the button by yourself and you have fried resolution agents and all this other stuff thirty day trial i never heard of it how much do they want to charge you for the i was going to check into that by hitting the button for the thirty day trial and i don't have said i almost have i don't have an account set up with the titular credit monitoring files bureau i have i i had done the final by phone and then we're going gonna do the freeze on and i have a police report and everything so i could get it free freeze but definitely do the credit freeze especially because you can do it free is much more protective of you doing a credit freeze than doing one of these credit walks in addition the credit walks if the credit bureau has an oops you have no rights with them they force you into a kangaroo court arbitration and so they face essentially zero liability for being careless at the credit bureau so for that reason credit freeze especially in your case not even close since since there's no cost issue credit freeze is vastly superior yeah in the frank print that i did see an email and it was from the credit bureaus off it wasn't a fraudulent thing it they called it a density theft insurance they're selling you something has monthly or annual fee you don't wanna do anything like that.

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