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Hey don't read reconstruct whole office doing strawberries leave it there for with roll the season they've won for her role for the the record just wanted to an intense straight wins over the Buffalo Sabres at the United center fifteen of the last sixteen meetings overall going the Blackhawks way as Corey Crawford improves two four four into on the air but all Levin zero is zero all time against the Buffalo Sabres as we take a look at our goalie match up in the end crow ends up stopping thirty three of the thirty four shots that he faced Carter Hutton the former Black Hawk who at one point served under Corey Crawford for a brief time step twenty three of the twenty seven he shot shot that he faced and the second half of a back to back for the Sabres are three stars stars selection is sponsored by bud light keep it crisp the number three star the game's Patrick Kane with his eleventh goal in extending that point streak against his hometown team than ever to start we just mentioned Corey Crawford and who else but the number one star Kirby dock with the pair of goals again the kid now in fourteen games has himself five goals and nine points other numbers from this particular game the Blackhawks were outshot thirty four to twenty seven well just to ten shots in that third period a lot of them came early faceoffs against the worst team in the league hawks won thirty two of sixty two draws there I'll hit in this game forty one to thirty three to thirty three still real good number for them only not in Calvin de Haan led the way with six of peace by **** also blocking fifteen shots the night it all added up to a four to one victory time for a break when we come back we'll get some postgame reaction from Kirby dock some of the other guys Locle head coach your make out in his well after four one victory over the Buffalo Sabres jealousy the Blackhawks postgame show on seven twenty WGN look at life through the windshield.

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