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Coming your way next right here on the Northern Kentucky Spotlight cvt Airport is the lowest airport in the tristate region with fifty four nonstop flights and direct international service to seven destinations including Paris France, and now home to both DHL's and Amazon's global cargo hubs. The airport is furthering its position as leader in aviation and deeply committed to being an economic driver for the community. You can learn more and start your next adventure at CG AIRPORT DOT COM. Welcome back to the Northern Kentucky spotlight and right now we're shining that spotlight on high school sports and beyond, and you probably know the face, and if not, you definitely know the voice of our guests Tom. Gamble of in Game Sports Tom Thank. You so much for joining us today Gavin. When be your hopefully they know the voice more than you know the space. There's a reason why most of my career spin the audio media so this this new technology which includes video might be writing issue. Yeah. You guys are pretty extensive on facebook live and we'll get to that coming up in just a little bit I i. know we just finished the first weekend of high school football specifically in other words well here in in Northern Kentucky? Let's talk about what happened and what we can look forward to. We'll Catherine I. Think Anybody who follows high school sports or is involved with high school sports in any capacity which company is with knowing that coaches and seeing all the work of athletic directors knowing what kids I have a my youngest sons member, the Cooper high school cyber program seeing what they went through knowing last spring. How not ending a spring sports help rule that was I'm just real back. Kentucky. COBB brought up the rear I was Indiana that got started then Ohio and last week the first week of the full context for to that look things are different. It's not kin ourselves protocol with the capacity. To get in and out of games and even some of the sports with they're asking. Cross country, which would seemingly be one who take would be kind of business as usual is far from that. So I just have to look at it as most people involved and say, we're just thankful that radio and play and I think the one thing I've heard from most people coaches in particular are let's say one time you know we're glad started. Now let's just hope we can continue with finishing I would echo that same sentiment. You mentioned I in Games boards in its affiliation with High School Sports Tell us what you guys do for those of us who don't know. wrote thank yet we been around. This is a year-old loud. So previously was with a copy died Schumacher associates in Cincinnati twenty three years ago starting with still today's longest running high school football showcase in America, it's called the Skyline Chili crosstown showdown and skylines title sponsors. Since Day one, it was designed really showcase the Cooley high football. Greater, Cincinnati Kentucky Southeast Indiana, and we're twenty three year strong. We had boars kind of the way we did it because we used to play games at UC's stadium than the incident leg got involved with some rules there. But I've done a lot of other stuff to the blitz fine tailgate. My company ran that for ears on now heavily involved with saint was healthcare to their sports marketing sports medicine or don't sportsmed sports morphine promotion initiatives. We've created a number of different things like the n que wise which was. Virtual this year, which was taken after the SP's recognizing great achievement Northern Kentucky? High. School Sports with Lisbeth Health your month respond to the All star series there the title sponsor of the Ninth Regent tournaments are run the reds high school showcase also sponsored by skyline showing didn't happen this spring. This would have been year number nine. So we're involved with a lot of high school sports events, which as you know, this year has been challenging for events. That's what we do involve in Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. You mentioned two industries there that have really been hit hard by the pandemic events and Sports, and so for your company what is this looked like a kind of having to pivot a little bit during all of this well, let's pitch putting you kindly. We hoped I think like everybody else sought. So we had our announcement of the high school showcase on. March twelfth the same day. Off Instability Tournament started to cancel Games I should say conference tournaments any incident turning was washed out then baseball and everything else. So we've been kind of waiting and you know you have to make we was going to happen, but we've really had to do to be brutally honest isn't about two weeks we've been doing two weeks we normally with two to three months and that's because I just. Guess behind the scenes that contingency plans, but you didn't want it to do too much because I can tell the schedule. What's GonNa, get along now. So we got a lot more digital be doing a lot at art show. On Twitter X. Town showdown. So we do a lot leading up to the Games in game every Friday night, we are coaches players I go out and do spend a lot of launch. Nice to get out. So. We replaced a lot of Kinda congregate mask gathering activities like tailgates at Sarah Lasso kind of giveaways on Friday nights with a lot of digital promotion. So to use your word pin, you have to I mean that's what we've had to do to still be able to feed your highlight showcase, the school's student athletes. That's what we try to do, and it isn't exactly how it would have done it previously but we're making adjustments accordingly trying to be not invasive because look this has been on athletic director. You know if you have a situation that's happening as somewhere you can refer to the manual as they say, there's no manual for. And there is no pandemic to look back on a not old. You really feel because the stuff that they're being asked to do in some cases you could argue might seem ridiculous but everybody's trying to keep everyone healthy and safe and trying to do the right thing. So it's been tough and we just tried to sitting around that and yet still recognize the student athletes and all that they do. You you mentioned pivot and you yourself and your partner van has made a bit of a pivot to video mentioned that it's all tell us. We can find guys on this great facebook laggy. Do Ya they spent a lot of fun. You Know Fan my partner also knows Mike Walter we've been we did the morning show on ninety six throngs, five years and I was in sports talk he was really in rock radio creative programming side of things for a long time using Edna I was L. W.. ESPN fifteen, thirty and all over the place. So we got together and said, you know what we see where all this is headed. Let's do something on route. So the reality check Amblin Finn and we do that on Thursday nights when the reds are playing nine to midnight on seven hundred W W, we created out of that really our own show up call it large in the Lai. We do Mondays facebook live at Salmon, and then we created a house gas where you are in I house task we. Glad.

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