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I'll be honest round november i'm not have the start us now play the thing in its entirety the way we used to do stuff and and you know when you'd bonn album lewis and i'm from a new magic i'll i'm from a magic world that you guys may be unaware of we used to go buy albums yeah no it yeah haber megafile may for barnsley days now but i mean that was a big event there are my my loss by as i barnsley days that was a ryan a we mehta vinyl records a battle say i love asta i got vinyl all over the actually paid last week to get a six dis cd changer put in his truck yeah yeah my my what generate ice right i'm just all owes i found out today that you can talk to people on facebook with some sort of instant messenger bang downloaded something from a future and not always avoided cover like man knocking gpf track me all can you have access to all my that's not my both of like no no no get out there has not but the day i found out that i could do it oh god waited all that stuff on the a late bombmaking stuff eight rednecked stuff eggs exits the hour you can pig videos now but but you guys are playing the night zadeco what tommie are warming up y'all at the mine al we the main course you are may get that they get that they act like i can phone area nearbrawl we're going on at ten o'clock main act asked the my we know what we do in america amtel as they inau yeah absolutely okay i'm all that ten o'clock list may i gotta tell you i've had some good times exotica there's no doubt about it i love that place in havana cuba cosco venue man yeah i'm excited to be there that's good tonight ten o'clock you guys gonna be there yes and cuba i got some stuff army you to oh yeah okay here i tell tell you what will play some wayland the night still what these year woods yes the there was he gonna find some of that will place i'm out for the listeners today the dragging our law the mac ten o'clock on komo amazon echo enjoy yourself get to know these guys little bit absolutely you.

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