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And their families on military installations and on the front lines today were online because that's where working adults need us. That's where you need us throughout. We'll support your commitment to be a successful student while balancing your life with more than ninety programs and specializations for where you are. And where you want to be that university. Maryland University, College we go the distance times have changed. But what we're made for hasn't. Put yourself on the fast track to your degree with muc-, you can transfer up to ninety credits from community college, coursework, military, experience and training. So you can save time and money on the way to your bachelor's degree. Get started with the university made for you. Learn more at you lend you see dot EDU slash radio certified to operate in Virginia by shelf. Credit? June motors. You already know eastern automative group has thousands of the highest quality vehicles to choose from. You know, every vehicle has been rigorously inspected, and it's backed by seven day return policy. But have you seen? How eastern continues to step it up in our community. They pay it forward on FOX five DC and find a road to a better community on CBS ninety. So you can feel good about the company doing business with visit Easterns dot com slash community today to nominate someone in our community or just check out what they're doing. That's eastern dot com slash community. Complete rundown of the day's news. Just for you on NewsRadio nine twenty. This is messy on money. Glad you're here with us today. I'm Meghan mosaic. Joined by Jeff Massey founder and president of Massey. And associates Inc. His website Massey on money dot com. That's M A S S E Y, and you can also give them a call today if you'd like to set up.

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