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Ten nineteen seventy degrees gorgeous blue skies outside the wbz studios pretty nice day overall today high near eighty around the city closer to seventy on the cape and islands we'll check traffic and weather together coming up in just a few minutes but first our top stories president trump on his way home now after that historic summit in singapore with north korean dictator kim jong un president says north korea has reaffirmed its commitment to denuclearization also agreed to destroy a major missile testing site white house economic adviser larry cudlow apparently doing well after suffering a heart attack kudlow taken to walter reed medical center last night with chest pains he's now up and talking and former senate president stan rosenberg here in massachusetts plans to leave his pension if he dies two estranged husband brian hefner according to paperwork you file but the state after currently waiting trial on federal sexual assault charges in other news former television actress allison mack due in court today on sex trafficking charges federal prosecutors say the one time smallville actress was second in command of an upstate new york sex slave called known as nexium they say mac recruited vulnerable women for alleged ringleader keith rene with talk of female empowerment the women were then groomed branded and brainwashed a trial is set for october first sara lee kessler in new york now mac has been free since she was arrested back in april and she has been free on five million dollars bail in new york city a lesbian couple claims they were kicked out of an uber after locking lips in the back seat alexai evine and girlfriend emma pikal says the driver threw them out of the car after he saw them kissing the rear view mirror the to complain to uber that they were booted from that ride because they were lesbians company says it's looking into it and it does not condone the driver's actions wbz news time ten twenty one four children dead after a daylong hostage situation in.

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