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Dot org this message is brought to you by your oral and facial surgeons we've got a great early pace here in Raleigh and it's good Zagros Bali and with a two point lead and they flip it in part go to Bolden at the three point line up top hands it back up to par go in front of the Davidson bench Fargo with curry the southern conference player of the year out on him that's a great match up right there both usage demand the man defense and they try to take away the threes penetration should be that because there's not a lot of weak side help and Fargo does penetrate and kick it back outside in just in the line up a long jumper missed by Austin day along freshman and a long rebound out to Davidson most of them will Davison pushes the bread they don't push it just the score they push it to test the depressed that they'll pull back around the office curry finds metal on the right block he is cut off nicely by two so and the ball is stolen by Gonzaga Anna turned over by bulleted recall that that was the policy of the ball he got the ball down today for a little bank shot from ten feet on the left wing however quickly on the contact or will push it and look for opportunities early Davidson comes back in a fifteen footer by Lovedale no good a long rebound for David sent out the Jason Richards again a lot of those well in the end and they will pull it back out and take the terminal is this gentleman this gentleman is stepping curry he got wide open twelve be on the right baseline and got all twine twelve to ten Gonzaga the lead in the ball down the low block self shot rejected by love bail out the great three again for gray he's three for three from Gonzaga they lead by five and transition basket for Davidson and while Polish guys were misses the layup he did draw the blocking foul and he will go to the line in a problem record transaction by surprise because that term Davis to really push the ball quickly it may have a tendency the smell floated early bass you can come back with a women and got an easy shot on that Steven gray drew his first foul the team's first bow and all those guys wanted the line to shoot why is this is a J. matching to pretty good while shooting teams they're both at seventy one percent first one was that sorry go check it they're very similar gratitude motors that were seized guys come down at your facility both of these teams center program take the term run mail rooms Davison the look to shoot early as quickly as Gonzaga will but that last possession Davison so the guys are gonna get back a winner for the shop three subs in for Davidson William Archambault and Stephen Rossiter in for the first time as outside wing players Margot goes down on the left wing to boulder who puts it on the floor he is guarded by Richard the point guard and a little head bacon boulder drives the baseline out the date mismatch on curry so he takes it to the left bloc misses and curry steps inside winds rebound position and then they draw file on good dragons so red bull for Jews to arrive at the two doubles very good Jack of it and it came down a pro detectives with that value had refused to let them play with you just assaulted person like that got a call from three fouls on Davidson one on Gonzaga Gonzaga leads by three but it's Davidson ball curry powerlite extended rights what's up top Archambault on the left wing Richards now he's got Sander back in at the high post the curry there's a three up top hello note how you lived without the ball that's a loss on the ground with him off the street and now you'll hear noises in the stands as Davidson rallies to tie the game at fifteen and for Gonzaga just into the game an outstanding junior transfer from Kansas might get down with the ball but a whistle and turn over rattling on downs and the data to be fenced because then the pressure both teams I think with the press on the boat officials a hundred percent right he did throughout it's a game of runs basketball and Davidson is on a little bitty one right now they have tied the game at fifteen really good friends even though the shooting well both teams of Milford resident looking to help out with a lot of pressure on the ball Archambault hands it back up to Richard the point guard for David's in the upper right hand corner not occurring and they bring the defense out on him with the three point line behind the back dribble it's a screen to get three lines Sander cutting to the basket but the road behind in center dropped the turnover again Zack and here's part go quickly to the left elbow and he'll take it outside the market down now the right side pulled down on the low block to Josh Pyke bell who's just come in surgery on his ankle in November and the turn over all of the ball out of bounds off David citizens agas volume twenty three issue to really tell apart goals and senior guard he pushes the ball but it doesn't look like he's really in a hurry a great observation Margot will throw it in looking for down to the low block couldn't get their stolen by David here comes Richard underneath reading Rossiter the shot is blocked by high bell and a whistle and a foul on Gonzaga road got a super low to no I did not go through with the what is very interesting transaction price rate development the crowd booing the replay on the big screen above us at the RBC center and I I agree with you it looks to me like height they'll just had a clean block of the shot the power is on so I actually sorry the file was on Davidson I beg your pardon and it was on Rossiter second team foul for them now transaction Margot driving there's another whistle and a blocking foul on Richards his first foul for Davidson Regis good job Hargrove bodies out of like a running back for the use of rolling the boulder definitely can handle the traffic will allow players to handle ball traffic inbounds pass to tight belt long and lean player at six foot eight gets it out on the way as David dot numbers still manta manta but the resulting from an inbound cargo nice penetration into the lane and lays it in good food rations there because there's so much pressure by both teams on the perimeter I'm surprised that that will drive a little part of Davis and also Davidson brings Bryant bar three point shooter in the game at three large by Archambault up top no good rebounded by Gonzaga Michael downs getting at the Fargo three up top all there is who's who's poised revenue comes they'll do the package will take that shot because you've been distributed and sold out well what a good game this is unfolding debate it's twenty to fifteen Gonzaga eleven twenty three left in the first half I whistle a region Fallon goods agas day and it'll be the third hour of live out on the floor with a lot of twenty one to play in the first half of a break in the action with the score Gonzaga twenty and David to fifteen you're listening to the NCAA radio network on Westwood One you go to the mechanic in here has been the torque right now let me have the flamethrowers that sounds wrong.

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