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For your free booklet again that's one eight eight eight five nine two eight eight one eight investment advisory services offered only registered individuals through a wealth management llc e wealth management is unaffiliated with burns and burns wealth advisors burnsestateplanning burns wealth advisers are not affiliated with us government any governmental agency wwl time what oh six channel four meteorologist chris franklin is in the pinpoint forecast center day today with plenty of sunshine breezy and warmer with a high around seventy nine degrees to near eighty it'll be a milder night tonight under partly cloudy skies a bit more humid as well could see a little patchy fog start the dank overnight lows in the sixties a high on friday ran eighty three degrees it will be warmer and more humid also a chance for a few stray showers about a twenty to thirty percent chance but most of our rain is going to be through the day on saturday looks like a washout of a day with a ninety to one hundred percent chance and rain will be with this war much of the day going into the mid day afternoon and through the evening good see about two to four inches which could lead to a little bit of minor flooding also the risk for some storms become strong to severe from the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist chris franklin thank you chris at the airport in kenner though it's sunny and seventy four it's a gorgeous day at lakefront airport seventy six degrees and seventy five in slidell jim hanzel wwl first news time for wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham and we have a breakdown on the i three ten heading toward counter just before the merge with the i ten it congestion is minimal right now it does have the right lane blocked but traffic's pretty light so it's not causing too much trouble when you get to the i ten had an end from the west from the loop las area traffic moves pretty well through kenneran metairie at this time there's no accidents or breakdowns causing any delays in either direction coming from slidell side of the lake no trouble on the twin span or at the high rise but the.

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