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One point five answer whether all the week a lot of the time I think we'll trial by the end of the week as we do trial by Thursday that's when the colder air begins to move in we'll see occasional rain tonight lows in the low to mid forties Kerry's of light rain around for Tuesday morning I think we'll see a block of dry weather for a little while in the afternoon it's gonna stay cloudy though highs in the upper forties to near fifty and it's Tuesday night into Wednesday more rain looks like the wind stays high in the low to mid forties I'm meteorologist parts of it all right we yeah forty four degrees in Swedesboro forty two degrees around in forty three degrees south Plainfield best traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes New Jersey one a one point five the general is one eight hundred two eight three one one point five about if you were to make a movie about someone from Jersey at the Oscars last night right parasite one Phil Murphy story it just sucks taxes address Joe Murphy our site and meals filbert I looked it up I'm telling you man you look it at o'neill Alcoa as film are they really got these two young looking you will get Phil Murphy and you look at like al Bundy circle like when the show's going off the air and he's losing his hair and you look at the end and then you got Phil Murphy looking like it Neil you know how I see it on the playing you know is a good film Murphy com it is a slight one and he hates it has build oil he's been told that he looks like Murphy looks like Phil Murphy and he kind is there to be told again tomorrow yeah I I've said I think no government could I walked in one seems like do you think I look like Phil Murphy kinda well I think that right right and the demands you looks like Steve bushel me they help and you have built on all right so you got a job Bologna's Dennis who would be spayed you all men that's a good one get back to an hour okay what devilishly handsome guy could we say would be me I one eight hundred two eight three one a one forty five eyes of Delhi the parasite piece what is the parasite beast barracks a piece I mean like the idea would parricide yeah we're all the subtitles could you imagine like if screen writer Aaron Sorkin wrote parasite.

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