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Currents of my colleague of the independence institute was sitting in on colorado inside out on kddi which is colorado public television um i said all right if the rule is that you needed democrat president who had no slaves and no sex scandals are the ones that he came up with martin van buren that'd be good dinner for the democrats the martin van buren dinner franklin pierce franklin pierce scratch my brain i franklin pierce would be that president when you're trying to name all all the president's it'd be like on the top of the list of the ones you forget grover cleveland you have to remember grover because his name has grover harry truman follow harry truman did get in trouble as vice president when there was a picture of him at some sort of event was a gorgeous female singer on his lap as he was playing the piano trying to remember his wife was rather upset about it but it was just a photograph so harry truman the truly dinner that wouldn't be bad i'm sure people democrats wouldn't be upset to have the only man who had ordered atomic weapons to be used on civilian populations can aim their dinner after that person i think that that would work jimmy carter the carter dinner that's not bad who doesn't like jimmy carter he's one of the finest expresidents we've ever had and of course barack obama who didn't have slaves and from what we can tell never had a sex scandal the not let's remember maybe you're old enough to recall that jimmy carter while he was never accused of any sex scandal he did say he lusted in his heart to remember that i'm trying to remember what interview that was that he has lost in his heart oh shucks so which of those work i guess the ones you we don't know grover cleveland the cleveland dinner thought i just don't think that's going to work um eric sonderman who is a political strategist in consultant had this to say on the subject there's only one thing these days that unites democrats they don't know what therefore but they sure know what they're against so i think they need to call it the donald trump dinner because that's the unifying factor for democrats these days like that idea the donald trump dinner the key every thoughts on this one 'cause i think this this could this could be good um.

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