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The sex scene will weren't completely. Yeah toddlers right. They an event but what they did do in it. No no but i decided in the beginning you do something with you. Know you set up. Gordon show hero. She is as far as his name. But no i mean this is the first mated in the first batman in a long time that i just remember being excited about the thumb. Just like oh yeah awesome. Have you watched. Did you ever watch the dark knight returns as one film have both parts. Can't remember wash him back to back. But see i have both parts. James has the as one movie. Mr james cole. Yeah mr james the muscles cole. Who ironically moved at the same time that i like a week after i did because you know we just cool like that and it's the only other one that was like he's up. He's up on that high show. You know broken up into two parts you know they. They did the death and return of superman but technically those were two independent films. different directors. different writers stories that connected to each other. They put as one movie. Which i have and i've watched that one But again too. I mean that makes sense eight story. Broken up yeah. I have never watched that as one film. Yeah i mean the death and return to superman that makes sense the break that up into two parts of the congress that yeah and the emmy even as one movie you'll feel a slight tonal difference in my direction and stuff when it gets to the second story. I kinda liked to watch the dark knight returns as one movie. It's you know. I have it i will. I've watched it the i've been on record. Dark knight returns is not my favorite batman story. It's not. I don't love it and worship at the altar of.

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