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Is using drugs yeah buttoning gun the drugs bad he's got a podcast yeah called bunny ears was he talked about but new years no he says they talked about this whatever but it was so funny he was on ellen today i'm gonna show you him on ellen today yes so i'm like we need to put it out in the universe to get macaulay culkin on my podcast but then he was telling ellen that he gets supernova like his no he loves the exact same as when he was saying no but the the number one thing his people probably tell other people are don't ask him about home alone don't ask them to talk about yeah don't ask about home alone that's all i'd want ask exactly four i'd be like so what was the sweater budget i have a strong reason to believe that come christmas time in december i bet you he doesn't leave mccully kokin now is a number one google top five google searches and what do you think comes up because i can i do it every december and i read every article again on end because it's so fast he's like a groundhog like he only comes out once a year and it's definitely not around christmastime did you see when he came out or or ryan gosling was wearing a t shirt of mccully mccolgan was wearing two days ryan gosling we're insured gauguin's amazing that's good stuff those were the days.

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