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I wanna i wanna see how far we can go here with with our annual jenga piece iding across football america here again. The jenga theory is that everybody's going to have some injuries along the way the real concern is if you lose the wrong player. It can scuttle your whole season. The whole thing can implode like a grand jenga game here and let's go around the wheel. Let's start it off with the n._f._c. west since we're already on that subject the the n._f._c. champion rams jenga piece oh and again. We don't do the quarterback because it's too easy to say well. If it's a quarterback goes down obviously that is the case. Who can they not afford afford to lose. This is a pretty easy one. It isn't easy one. It is aaron donald now. They think they've got an outside. Pass rush this season so last last season. The rams got fifteen percent of their pressure from the edge which was the lowest percentage in the n._f._l. It's pretty much aaron donald and that's it. They think dante fowler. There's gonna be that dude this year. They sent him to one fourteen million dollar contract. They brought back clay matthews at no one's really you know blowing smoke on that but they have not been able to get to the quarterback outside outside. Donald i think over the last couple of years so if you take him out even with i i like fowler. I think that it would be a pretty big problem. I hard to disagree with that. I went obviously although i do continue to todd gurley but i'll defer to you on that one but i do think i i do wonder how how dynamic that offense as if todd gurley is never on the field we saw c. J. anderson crushed it. Yeah that worked against some teams didn't work against bella. Check though okay. Let's go then to the seattle seahawks okay so as i mentioned after tyler lockett the wide receiver death is a real problem so i'm going to go with locke it great one. I like that very much <hes> next up. Let's go san francisco forty niners so i was torn on this one because i wanted as i i mentioned i really don't like this defense behind that front line and i think richard sherman's pretty much the only guy you can trust in the secondary right now but i don't have kiddle i would go capital too because that pass catching corers right and while the other side of it is to that something yeah as a matter of fact this is how i know we had that conversation and i didn't imagine rams camp. I said i liked that niners d and you said but they're secondary isn't good and i said listen. Listen if you can get deep enough into the season and get into the into the play offs. It's really more about pass rushes and you said no. That's two year old thinking. It's now the secondary..

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