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Gerrad just smoked it over the head of austin jackson so how about that two outs you get a little flair for a hit and then you get a double over the head of the center fielder and here's max more off six to pirates the vicks swinging line driving the babysitter right field it's got it his throw home it is online posey's coster slid across to try to take moran the pirates are going to obviously take a look at it the call out was made by chris segal and we'll see if the pirates are to want to take a look at it we don't know they're not telling us and they're going to look at it so now we're going to have to wait i guess the pirates feel like why not right the sixty billion you got nothing to lose touches throw was run online bustard got to it is reached towards the first base line rather than went back showing it on the board the angle that they're showing it that's going to be hard to tell whether plus tack reaction here because of the angle the next day go they're showing has got polanco the on or totally blocking out any shot the next day go there showing his from center field which you can't tell anything so hopefully those folks of new york will have a better view then we're getting here at the ballpark.

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